256 Years Old Man Breaks The Silence Before His Death And Reveals Incredible Secrets To The World

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incredible secrets to the world

How long was a person ever alive? Li Ching Yuen is the man who lived 256 years. This thing is not any myth or some fictional story.

As one article from 1930 published by New York Times states, the man named Wu Chung-Chieh, who is a professor in the University of Chengdu, has discovered some records from the government of Imperial China from 1827 which congratulated the 150th birthday of Li Ching-Yuen, and other documents from 1877 which congratulated him the 200th birthday. A correspondent of the New York Times, in 1928 wrote that a lot of old people in this man’s neighborhood claimed that they had grandfathers who knew Li Ching Yuen when all of them were little kids. At that time he was already an adult man.

Who was the man who lived 256 years?

Li Ching Yuen started his career as herbalist when he had only ten years. He collected herbs from the mountain fields and learned a lot about their powers for long living. For about four decades of his life, he was alive as a result of herbs diets like goji berry, lingzhi, wild ginseng, Gotu Kola, shou wu, and rice wine. When he was 71, in 1749, Li joined the armies of China teaching martial arts. As the article states, he was a much-appreciated and loved individual in the community. He had 23 marriages more than 200 children!

As some of the accepted stories told in the province where he lived claim, he had the ability to read, as well as write when he was a boy, and on his 10th birthday, he also traveled in some places like Tibet, Siam, Kansu, Annam, Shansi, and Manchuria, collecting herbs. When he turned the first 100 years, Li continued his line of profession. After that, he started selling herbs collected by others. Together with some other herbs from China, he sold wild ginseng, lingzhi, Gotu Kola, shou wu, and goji berry, and survived by consuming them, together with rice wine.

Li was not the oldest!

As one of his disciples stated, Li once meet an older person, who was 500 years old, and who also taught him about the exercises called Qigong, and gave him some dietary suggestions which are going to be helpful for him, to expand the lifespan to phenomenal proportions. Despite those exercises and a diet rich of herbs, what essential knowledge can we get from the Master of Longevity?

What about this one: When on death’s door, Li has said that he has done everything that he was supposed to in the world. Could these last and peaceful words also point to the most significant secret for long, and successful life? One interesting thing to note is that in different Western countries, people were usually guided to think that becoming old is something which has to be defeated with the use of high technology infrared devices, as well as the position of art medication.

What was Li’s secret for longevity?

When asked about the secret of longevity, Li replied that people should keep a calm heart, sit just like a turtle, walk vividly just like a bird, as well as sleep quietly just as a dog. He gave this advice to the warlord, named Wu Pei-Fu, who was the person that took Li in his home to learn his secrets of extreme longevity.

Also, Li stated that inner peace and calm of the mind, in combination with some techniques of breathing, were also secrets for extremely long life. It is obvious that his diet had a key role in this. However, what fascinates people is that this person attributed his longevity to his mental state.

Why can people not believe in this?

The average lifespan in Western society is now between 70 and 85 years. The simple thought of a person living more than 100 years, looks like something unreal. However, the idea of a person living more than 200 years looks like something highly suspicious.

Why can we not believe in longevity?

We need to remember that certain individuals in the world do not live exhausting 9 to 5 lifestyles, they do not deal with stress about debts, they breathe fresh air, and do exercises on a daily basis. Also, such people don’t consume refined flour or sugar, or foods treated with pesticides. They do not live according to the usual diet of Americans.

Also, they do not consume fatty food like meats, or some oversweet deserts, or GMO foods. They do not take antibiotics too. They do not smoke or drink alcohol. Despite excluding fast foods in which a lot of people usually indulge, they incorporate some superfoods, as well as herbs that act like organic compounds for the immunity and organs.

Such people spend the free time they have outdoors, in nature, and they practice techniques for breathing, as well as meditating, which are all proven to be beneficial in improving the physical, mental, and even spiritual health. They get the sleep needed, take things easily, and spend most of their time outside, under the rays of the sun in nature. Getting the opportunity of relaxing under the sun provides us with instant relief and rejuvenating, which we often call ‘vacation.’ Can you think about spending your life doing such things in nature, mountains, in combination with great spiritual, physical, as well as mental wellbeing?

There is no doubt that when people do the things which they are meant to do, living for more than 100 years will not be something unusual and unreal. When treated right, who can know for how long our bodies can live?

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