First Space Hotel Set To Open Its Doors In 2025 For A Vacation That’s Literally Out-Of-This-World

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Imagine if you can be able to travel around Space, just as you travel around the world. It would be such an exciting experience. You would be able to see the whole world.

It was announced by the Gateway Foundation, that a hotel in Space will be built, starting from 2025. According to their plan, the hotel should be finished until 2027. The main idea of this hotel is to give the guests accommodation just like home. It will have some luxury suites, halls for recreation and lounge bars.

All this will be provided while the hotel is floating in Space.

The foundation declared that, besides the accommodation for tourists, this hotel would provide the researchers with a place where they will be able to do their examinations for the governments, scientists, and other interests.

What the space hotel might look like inside.
Courtesy Gateway Foundation

Von Braun Station is created to be the first place in the Universe to have artificial gravity and to provide people to live and work in the Earth’s orbit. When we are talking about the hotel and its characteristics, it is worth to mention that it is planned to have the capacity for 350-450 guests.

The meals will contain everything that the people could eat on the Earth, all kinds of dishes. The water which will be used for drinking will be brought from Earth, and the showers and the toilets will work with recycled water.

The name of the hotel is after one rocket scientist and space architect, who is responsible for the popularization of the rotating space station concept, Dr. Wernher von Braun.


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