18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

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If you’re in love, then we don’t blame you for feeling all moony-eyed and love-struck. What better excuse to visit some of the world’s most romantic and exotic hideaways? It doesn’t need to be for your honeymoon; as long as there’s love, there will be enough romance. So, how about taking a trip to faraway places with your partner in pristine, undisturbed environments? If you’re as cupid struck as us, here’s a list of some of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Santorini, Greece

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Santorini is surely one of the most romantic places on Earth, known for its blue-hued structures, striking caldera overlooking restaurants, and unique Mediterranean flavors. Then there is the azure sea, quaint churches and the legendary sunset within the backdrop of the Byzantine Castle ruins. Book a sweet, intimate candlelight dinner under the stars at one of an open-air, sea facing fine dines. Santorini oozes with romance, and it’s still the world’s romance capital.

San Francisco, USA

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

If you live in the US and do not fancy taking long flights across continents, San Fran is a charmer back home. Whether you two hold hands and walk on the Golden Bridge or trek atop one of the stunning green hills by breathtaking city views, it is all about romance here. You can enjoy a romantic meal atop the 19th level Mark restaurant or tuck into some artisanal gourmet delicacies at the Ferry Building Farmer’s market.

Prague, Czech Republic

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Prague is dripping with romance, and its storybook-like castles, along with red tiled structures, aesthetically magnificent bridges, houses with arcades, Gothic churches, and cozy restaurants provide the perfect backdrop of your Valentine’s Day story. You can walk under the excellent line up of lamps on the cobblestone streets or enjoy an intimate cruise on the Vltava, while also catching views of its Old Town.

Big Sur, USA

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Big Sur is California’s, Mediterranean Riviera. The Big Sur Coast is a hypnotically incredible stretch of sea that can be witnessed while driving south on Highway One from Carmel. The drive features some of the most astonishing coastline vistas with the rugged Santa Lucia ranges resting adjacent to it. There is everything from wild, idyllic beaches to pristine, white waterfalls. Don’t forget to witness the absolute jaw-dropping site of purple sand crashing against turquoise waves at the Pfeiffer State Beach.

Fregate Island, Seychelles

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

This place will give you the ultimate romantic rush. It offers you a private island escape across a 750 acre Seychelles private island. There’ll never be over 40 guests on the island at the same time. The verdant island is home to over 2000 Aldabra turtles and several indigenous bird species. There are lots of romantic dining venues throughout the island, in addition to a stunning tree house, a private Jacuzzi as well as the cozy outdoor shower.

Kauai, Hawaii

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Romantics love this garden island all over the world for its peaceful atmosphere and idyllic appeal. It’s got a bunch of stunning, isolated beaches, adorned by waterfalls, greenery, and tropical flora. Visit the most picturesque coast on the planet – Na Pali, that can only be reached via boats or helicopter rides. You can enjoy loving moments at a private spot in one of the secluded Mahaulepu Beaches. Trek to one of Kauai’s many scenic waterfalls to experience the ultimate love rush.

Paris, France

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

You cannot talk about the most romantic destinations and not mention Paris. It might be clichéd romantic and touristy, but there is no denying that the entire city reverberates with a romantic vibe. Everything stretching from wandering through its old streets to enjoying an authentic meal, French meal to enjoying that memorable kiss near the Eiffel Tower at twilight, there is no better celebration of romance than the French Capital.

Positano, Italy

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Pick any village on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, and you’ll find it dripping with romance. There is, however, something magical about Positano, a swish seaside village that features pastel-hued structures which sit pretty high up on mountains, winding all the way through pristine beaches and turquoise waters. This place becomes even more enchanting during sunset. You can browse through local stores and markets, spend some togetherness moments on the beach and grab a bite of tasty Italian food at a quaint local restaurant.

Venice, Italy

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Venice is another destination on the list of the most romantic cities. This Italian waterfront city gives couples a chance to enjoy beautiful romantic moments on gondola rides over Venetian canals. How about romantic walks through its old-worldly alleys? Or a sundowner champagne picnic? Begin your ride at Bacino Orselo, and travel through some of the city’s most scenic waterways before concluding the trip at the famous Grand Canal. Enjoy rooftop sunset cocktails, as well as a cozy stay at the Aman Canal Grand nestled in the middle of the Grand Canal.


18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

The Maldives is the most pristine and romantic archipelago on the planet, and offer unmatched privacy on its secluded island resorts and beaches. Soak up the sun on its idyllic white sandy beaches and stay at one of its overwater villas (Cheval Blanc Randheli at Noonu Atoll). You can also spend some laidback days enjoying activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, lagoon sailing, and canoeing. Sometimes guests have access to beaches with a fleet of yachts and boats at their disposal. Enjoy eclectic meals from around the globe, and the most lip-smacking seafood delicacies.

St. Lucia, Caribbean

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

The Caribbean is a perfect hotspot for romance seekers. It has everything from sparkling sapphire beaches to delicious food. Jade Mountain is a spectacular hilltop St. Lucia property, featuring open-plan and gorgeous bedrooms and stunning green island views. Oh! And did we mention their infinity pool? Utterly and sinfully romantic!

Cannon Beach, USA

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Set in the middle of Oregon coastal wilderness, Cannon Beach is one of the most romantic belts in the USA. The quaint beachside town also hosts art galleries, restaurants, and unusual shops offering panoramic sea vistas. The place has fantastic Oceanside resorts, mostly geared for couples seeking a romantic hideaway. Stephanie Inn overlooks the legendary Haystack Rock and provides a relaxing Jacuzzi and fireplace among other quaint amenities. You can enjoy hiking through picturesque trails which snake through lush forests at the ocean edge along with a lot of beachcombing and tide pool exploring.

The Florida Keys, USA

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

The ultimate destination for lovers who love sunshine, as its scenery alone is enough to keep you coming back for more. This romantic escape offers everything from secret gardens to spectacular sunsets to a plethora of marine adventure activities (snorkeling and deep-sea diving). The vast 110 mile stretch of islands features clear turquoise waters.

Seville, Spain

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Seville is genuinely everything you hoped for. It has aesthetically excellent architecture, historic gems (such as the Royal Palace of Seville) and the famous Plaza de Espana. You can feast on a variety of delicious tapas from multiple cuisines across the globe, and put up at uber-romantic properties such as Corral del Rey (a quaint 17th-century palazzo) in the charming old quarters of the city.

Rome, Italy

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Rome is a synonym to romance; the two words share the first three letters of their name! Sure enough, it reverberates with romance at every nook and corner. From its captivating sunsets that melt into beautiful church structures to quaint piazzas to the Ponte Sisto, Rome is synonymous with love. Enjoy its frescoed ceilings, private balcony views as well as four-poster bed luxury at the Hotel Camp de’Fiori.

Mendocino, USA

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

The beauty of a North Californian oceanside village community echoes with unmistakable Victorian charm, sitting pretty on rugged cliffs which look over the mighty Pacific. Walk on one of the lush views offering walking trails in the redwood forest or take walks along the beach. There are majestic botanical gardens and many wineries (where you can enjoy excellent wine tasting sessions). Sample the famous Pinot variety. You’ll want to check out the MacCullum House Inn & Restaurant, where among other things, moony-eyed couples can savor a romantic meal and amazing ocean vistas.

Castle Leslie, Ireland

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

Beating Castle Leslie’s romantic vibe is hard. Perched on a thousand lush green acres of the Irish countryside and sprinkled with glistening lakes and quaint old woodlands, this place features lots of old-worldly charm and unmatched character. Special bed and breakfast packages include complete Irish breakfast, delicious handcrafted chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine. One can also enjoy a ton of activities with their partner such as fishing and relaxing organic treatment sessions; scenic walks on the estate’s many walking trails, outdoor hot baths, private film screenings, picnic lunches, and intimate dinners.

Savannah, USA

18 Most Charming Honeymoon Destinations On Earth

If you’d rather visit a more stately and elegant aura, Savannah is a stunner! The city is laidback but also high on charm. Romantic couples can enjoy everything from kayaking to canoeing to walking along stately cypress tree laden paths. There are a lot of old, stately mansions that have been converted into B&Bs.



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