The Day 1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand

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Meditating For World Peace

5000 schools together. 1 million ‪‎children are meditating for world ‪‎peace at the Phra Shammakaya Temple of ‪‎Thailand.

The project was first conceived in 2018. The event in 2016 involved by singing a song Howard McCrary called ‘change the world’. Since everything is made of energy, a massive gathering of people with the same intentions could bring positive vibes.

Meditation only works for the individual with inner peace, not for greedy and corrupt people; they have no heart and no soul, nothing is going to happen but war from them.

We are beings made up of love and light the more light we accrete through the inner work, the more we raise the frequency of humanity and mother earth. We are a global collective interconnected to each other in ways only a few truly understand, what we put out is what we get back it’s that simple.

The universal law of one

Let’s co-create our reality today together as a race of humans. Not divided by race, religion, color, sex, borders. We are all humans remember that together we are one. If we choose to work together, we can turn this planet around in a very short time. The time is now for you to stand up and take back our God-given right to a world of peace and love.

It all starts with you remember that. You are limitless and carry a spirit a soul and a god spark inside you.

“Focus on the light; you are the light.”


by Nate Max

This article (1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand) has been originally published on and is reposted here with permission.


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