What Are the Potential Adverse and Damaging Effects of 5G Technology on Our Overall Health?

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health effects of 5G

Wireless radiation is enormous, continually ignored health problem. A lot of scientists and countless amounts of publications are urging authorities to pay some closer attention to what wireless radiation is doing to human health. The potential long-term adverse health effects of 5G mobile phone technology are one of the more examples where corporate control rules and dictate government policies. Policies which favor big corporations at the behest of planet Earth, as well as the rest of the human population.

Restrictions on WiFi in Europe

In Europe, several countries have restrictions on WiFi. The authorities there have pointed out some disturbing things. In 2015, France passed a law banning WiFi from all nursery schools; the law requires shutting off the WiFi networks in all elementary schools when it is not in use. Wired connection is possible, and it is preferred. Advertisements directing cell phone use towards young children are banned.

One example from Nambia stated that current so-called “safety” standards do not protect citizens from long-term health effects and that the guidelines that govern their use do not guarantee adequate protection against the effects of long-term exposure.

Some other countries include Belgium, Spain, Israel, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, India, Finland, Cyprus and a lot more.

The potential health effects of 5G

Science has already indicated that the current wireless technologies of 2G, 3G, and 4G, which are in use today with our mobile phones, computers, as well as wearable technology, create radio frequency exposure that poses some serious health risks to humans, animals, and the environment in general. 5G describes the next generation of fast mobile networks. It is the technology which allows “Internet of Things” (IOT) to exist and connects all internet devices.

Scientists all over the world are studying the health effects of 5G and wireless radiation. Their findings are concernig and they are urging for a stop to its further development.

The health effect issue of 5G is potentially very controversial. The communications industry is massive, and 5G technology is going to be quite pervasive. However, the long-term health effects on humans are largely unknown, said Professor Dariusz Leszczynski. He was the keynote speaker at the public lecture co-hosted by the Centre for Environment and Population Health of Griffith and the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists.

The professor was one of the thirty experts on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)/WHO 2011 evaluation group which classified all radio frequency (RF-EMF) emissions as a possible carcinogen.

The safety limits from now could be insufficient

Professor Leszczynski also suggested that the current safety limits imposed on wireless communication devices (WCD) are not sufficient for the protection of all of the users of such devices. But, some limitations in the design of many studies make it quite difficult to conclude.

In the situation of scientific uncertainty about the health effects of the current WCD, there is a change to facilitate the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). This phrase refers to everything from smart door sensors to fully intelligent home appliances. It also covers the security services and monitoring stations, as well as more traditional networked IT equipment.

5G also requires the installation of some new equipment all over the U.S. Every wireless company works to build its 5G network. This can be worse than using a cell phone. However, most of the studies did not find any association between cell phone usage and risks of getting a brain tumor.

The leader of AT&T’s efforts, Melissa Arnoldi, said that if it is not already in your neighborhood, it is coming soon. Why? 5G uses high-frequency waves which support faster speeds but do not travel as far as current wireless frequencies. So, instead of relying on some large cellphone towers spread far apart, they will need some “small cell” sites which are much closer together.

Sometimes, you probably wonder, how is this even allowed to happen? Who are the people controlling what type of information regarding our health gets emphasized?

Meanwhile, telcos are installing the new 5G equipment in a neighborhood near you.

Is there a solution, after all?

You may use a wired connection. It is very fast and in most of the cases faster than a wireless connection. Try to minimize the use of your cell phone. At last, look into some devices that block the biological effects that this radiation does.

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