7 Unique Gift Ideas for Crystal & Gem Lovers

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Crystals, as well as other stones, give us a glimpse in different parts and areas of our world and lives. They can also be helpful for our health, because of their healing properties.

When you were a kid, you probably had a rock collection. There is something seemingly primal about finding new specimens, organizing them by size, color or shape, holding them in hand and researching their properties. Probably this is the reason why now when we are all grown up, we feel so enamored of crystals, gemstones and other minerals.

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine practice which employs crystals and gemstones for a wide variety of healing, as well as therapeutic properties.

Although the personal beliefs of people in the healing properties of crystals can vary, they also think that whether or not a person adhered to crystal healing, the beautiful stones will provide some ideal objects upon which to focus positive intentions.

Just like filling a space with some plants will improve the feeling of it, we also find that crystals, gemstones or minerals infuse our workplace, home or other space with some positive vibrations.

A lot of you are probably wondering what gift to buy to a person that is crystal or mineral lover, or better known as geologists, for the holidays that come. Below, there are some suggestions and gift ideas which we believe would be excellent for your geologist friends.

Agate night lights 

Agate is the name that is given to some varieties of banded chalcedony, and it is a mineral of the Quartz family. The name comes from the Achates River in Sicily, where Agate was discovered for the first time.

Because of its natural origin, as well as vibrant colors, people believe that this crystal will bring some pleasant dreams.

1. Agate slab coasters 

The agate is a semiprecious stone when it is of desirable quality and color. It generally forms by the deposition of silica from groundwater in the cavities of igneous rocks.

So, these large agate slab coasters will be another excellent gift from crystal lovers.

2. Agate geode candle holder 

This is an astonishing agate geode holder for candles which comes with on tea light.

3. Agate lamp shade

Barry De Socorras created this beautiful and exciting Tiffany-style lampshades, using a number of the naturally polished stones.

4. Hand carved blue agate 

This is a hand carved blue agate with some quartz crystals geode eagle head skull.

5. Hand carved labradorite 

The labradorite is feldspar mineral, and it is an intermediate member of the plagioclase series. It is also a stone of magic which can awaken the magical, as well as mystical or physical abilities.

This hand carved labradorite bear crystal carving from Madagascar is an excellent gift for your friend geologist.

6. Geodes and crystals dresses

The collection of Phillip Lim has been an inspiration by the illustrations of crystals and geodes.

7. Minerals pillow shams 

These pillow shams merge creativity with some premium fabrics, bringing the unique and unusual style to your friend’s bedroom.


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