Tonight Is Dark Night of the Soul — Welcome to Winter Solstice, the Start of a New Powerful Cycle Bringing You Lots Of Surprises!

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winter solstice

2019 has been a year full of astrological events and a lot of energy. Only two weeks are remaining until the end of 2019, and during these two weeks, you will get the proof for saying that it was full of energy. All this happens because of the Solstice.

Now it is a winter solstice time, and this means the Sun enters Capricorn precisely on December 22, 2019. If you are in Southern place on the Earth, you will celebrate the Summer Solstice. It means that it’s time for relaxation and celebration.

During this week, you will reveal and embrace the Truth, and that is essential for the positive ending of 2019. If you hide the Truth, you will have some long-lasting problems in 2020. So, don’t make yourself headaches; you can just tell the Truth.

The Truth is fundamental to us. If you avoid, hide, ignore or resist it, you will be uncomfortable, challenge your beliefs, or you may hurt whether yours or someone else’s feelings.

You cannot expand yourself or grow into a better person by ignoring the truth or telling lies. You won’t feel the freedom. If you want to experience freedom and positive vibes, you must have a healthy relationship, living in reality. You must have a will to be better and to be a person with a vision and higher wisdom. It originates from your heart.

Also, we present to you the weekly horoscope for this week.


During this week, the Moon will be on your side. You will feel comfortable now more than you have ever been, regarding your career. As the week is passing, you will have more and more opportunities, and they will suit you the best. Also, you will be in a dilemma whether your career or your comfort is essential for you. Some issues that you have struggled with will be solved. With their solution, you will have a clear path for your further life, and also you will be satisfied with it. Furthermore, you will change your opinion about the character of some people.


You will be under the wings of the stars this week, so you need to be ready to thrive.

Also, you will have a lot of progress in your career, particularly on Thursday, so that you will be very successful. Too much hard work will limit your free time, so prepare yourself to be exhausted and without energy. To be ready for this, you will just need a good plan that will allow you to do everything on time and have some free time to charge your battery. It is the perfect solution for this week, and you will deal with all of your responsibilities.


You will give everything that is in your power to get all that you want. Dynamism, creativity, and your intensive spirit will be your strength to go through this week. As a result of your success, the colleagues will respond to you with jealousy.

You were the winner in your past, so now you have a lot of responsibilities, challenging obligations, and some pending issues, and you must solve them. As we already say, the dynamism and your powerful energy will help you to achieve your goal. After this week, and another throne, you will have more free time, and think about your future.


Winter is filled with swings. It will result in relaxation and some free time.

Mars supports you in Pisces, and you will find your feet only when the festive period is over.

The planets will improve your communication and getting your points across with your colleagues. Expect some good news, and your dreams will finally come true.


You have respect regarding your job, thanks to your effort and hard work. If there’s a time to get a promotion or improvement regarding your salary, you will get it now. The presence of your loved ones will give you the harmony, calmness, and support that you need. You will be fearless thanks to the planets.


You won’t have the support from your colleagues this week. If you think of changing your job, the Moon rushes to put yourself there, precisely on Tuesday, and take the awards as a result of that.

You are an ambitious person, but you don’t have the perfect conditions. You were followed by bad luck recently, but that is about to change. The further path of yours will be successful and positive, so once you have an obstacle, don’t give up. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities.


You are very courageous. Jupiter in Capricorn will give you the support needed, and every obstacle you hit will be solved quickly.

The new prospects that you will discover – take advantage of them, you will gain a reward.

The communication skills will be improved, and on the highest level, so the collaborations will be without a flaw. Regarding the emotional plan, you will have more emotions than usual, so be careful, and don’t make some moves if you are not sure. Once you make a move, you cannot take it back.


Mars and Pluto will provide you with brimming and potential. The determination and ambition that you own will make you unstoppable. Nothing can stand on your way. Your energy and your good Moon will aid you to do some unfinished business and some essential changes. This will end up with a positive result and your satisfaction. Everything will flow without interruption and harmoniously. Some influential people will be here to support you and to help you regarding your career.


You will feel the strain regarding your career and finances. If you aim to end this year well, then Mercury and Jupiter suggest you believe in your organization and have everything under control. During this week you will have a lot of surprising and unexpected events, of course, positive ones.

With this positivity, you will continue further, and the rewarding period will come. Your hard word will pay off, and you will see its results very fast. Once the hard work is done, now it’s time to enjoy the result and include some demanding plans for the future. You should do it that now, because later the situation may not be as favorable as now.


This will be a decisive week, especially on Tuesday. The Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter will fill you with their spirits, and you will want to grow and improve yourself. You have all the tools needed, so use them good.

Because you will be very inspiring, try to find some inspirational ideas too. Once you present your ideas, they will flow smoothly and harmoniously. You will trust in yourself, and precisely these beginnings will assure your future.


The powers from the universe will make your road a little bit tricky. If you want to eliminate and avoid some significant setbacks, stay away from new projects, and some quite promising ventures. During this week, you will have that many changes, and they will be the beginning of your long-lasting, prosperous period. Your points of view will be somehow changed, and with that, you will change your tactics.  Aquarius, you are making the right move. Take advantage of every chance that will come to your way.


Mars and Jupiter will take everything in their hands, and you will have a successful period in your career. Your honesty will be appreciated during this week, and it will be highlighted too. In the eyes of your colleagues, you will present yourself in a good light. Take the things in your own hands, and make the plot for your life. Every issue that you will face will be solved successfully. These moves will make your experience better. The stars will help you to find your way. So there is nothing to be afraid of, and there is nothing to worry about.


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