The 11:11:11 Portal Opens Today — The Most Powerful Manifestation Day Of This Decade!

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11:11 code

Have it happened to you to frequently check the phone somewhere at 11:11? Do you see repeating patterns of numbers all the time, such as on digital notifications, license plates or even receipts? What is the significance of the 11:11 code?

The significance of 11:11 code in 2018

In 2018, more than in any other year, a lot of people worldwide reported having seen 11:11 code frequently in their everyday lives.

It becomes a phenomenon around the world as we are getting closer to the eleventh day of the eleventh month of an eleven universal year – 2+0+1+8=11. From a numerological point, the number 11 is a Master Number. It is the one of unique creation, fast manifestation, as well as individual expression.  Number 11 has the sparking ignition of number 1. Also, it has the sensitive, soothing, and the supernatural gifts of number 2. When combined, the number 11 is holding the ascension’s vibration.

When looking at its shape, it shows two pillars. Those are the pillars of a gateway that directly opens a portal between the grounded manifestation and divine creativity.

On the 11th of November, 2018, the 11:11:11 portal will fly wide open. It will create the most potent portal manifestation of this decade. You should expect a fast extension of the personal powers, as well as the potential of abundance. The code 11:11 brings with it an energetic message of angelic guidance, wealth, and inspiration.

If you put your thoughts back on the start of this year, could you recall how strong you felt those powers?

As this 11 wheel of the universe turned in January, we were utilizing the energies of the dynamic number. We can create, build, and manifest unbelievable things.

However, it is secure to assume that we have become entirely different individuals than we were in this year.

Energies of the Master Numbers

The Master Numbers bring some better chances, and they are usually accompanied by some greater challenges too. The Master Numbers demand patience, time, as well as mastery. This can be the reason why a few months of this year were not all that good for us.

Fortunately, from a numerological point of view, it is broadly understood that the Master Numbers do not start to express the highest, and groundbreaking characteristics until the second part of the cycle.

For this year, that means the latter part of it. Master Numbers are very slow-going burners that wait patiently before they emerge into greatness.

If this year was not a good one for you and if you did not have the chance to manifest abundance, ease, and grace which you ever imagined in this year, just wait.

All those things which occurred until this moment were to prepare you for much higher things.

The time between 31st of October and the 31st of November is considered a powerful portal for transformations when the line standing between Spirit Worlds and the planet is thinner. It is similar to the non-light phase of the Moon, which is a period of dissolution, as well as releasing the old ways, permitting for some changes inside of us, and hearty renewing in order prepare you for an entirely new year in front of you.

You have to take it easy and do not keep the head down, or just carry on. This is number 11 Universal Year which has a lot of great jobs to perform, and the energy it has is going to be particularly powerful and transformational.

If 11:11 appeared everywhere in front of you, it is the signal you were waiting for so long.

So, it will be the time to harness the slow-burning momentum of the Triple Master Number to manifest some massive inner growth, as well as abundance in life.


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