The Longest Full Moon in Nearly a Decade, Happening Tonight: Prepare For New Beginnings!

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Every Full Moon represents a unique period of the year for coming together, as well as celebrating the energies of the moon as an astronomical body, and also harvesting what was manifesting from the ultimate New Moon up until now. This month, the energies will be quite strong as it is going to bring the most long-lasting Full Moon of 2018, and also the longest one in almost a decade.

So, when will this lunar cycle occur?

On the 22nd of December, the Full Moon is going to last for 15 hours and 32 minutes. It is going to occur at 12:49 p.m. EST. The last time when this happened was in 2010, and it lasted 15 hours and 54 minutes. During the time of Christmas Eve, it is going to be at 95%.

The final Full Moon in December is called the Full Cold Moon, because of the falling temperatures in winter. Native Americans called it the ‘Long Nights Moon.’

Let’s take a close look at them:


To purify and cleanse yourself, you will have to bathe in the moonlight of the energy of the moon. You can achieve that on emotional, spiritual, or also physical levels.

On a physical level, you will have the ability to purify the body by merely going out at the time when this moon will be high and practice meditation under the light.

Another thing you can do is take another cleansing bath using your preferred essential oil, light some candles, and put a moonstone near you to boost the energies more.

Cleansing on an emotional level means to pay attention to your emotions which you will want to cultivate. It includes self-love, clarity, love, joy, as well as faith. You can do that by saying your most loved mantra or also repeating affirmations like: ‘Life progresses perfectly.’

Cleansing on a spiritual level can be done by smudging, burning incense, and performing meditation or even breathwork.


Releasing is the second step. Every ritual or every Full or New Moon talks about the process of releasing, and it can be repetitive. However, in real life, every single day, people let go memories and feelings which they don’t want to keep anymore.

The best thing to do is creating a list of everything that the person would like to release. After that, read the list aloud to accept it, and then burn it to erase it from your life.


After Cleansing and Releasing it will be the right time to continue manifesting. You should write on a piece of paper what you would like from the following lunar cycle and the new year. Let that moon guide you to be kind and honest with yourselves. Also, do not think small, but think big, as bigger as this Full Moon, or as bright as the light of this Full Moon, and then reach as higher as you can for your dreams.

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