Solar Eclipse of the New Moon on August 11th — Prepare for a Major Shift of Energies.

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The Solar Eclipse of the New Moon on the 11th of August is going to fall at 18º Leo decan 2. It is going to form a part of the educational triangle, and Merak, which is the fixed star in Ursa Major, is going to be active.

This eclipse is going to constitute a part of the learning triangle which Jupiter trine Neptune is going to resolve through it spiritual healing powers.

Ursa Major, which is the mother bear, is going to be influential at this period. This constellation designs life-changing situations for people, but the moon will add some relief. Those that are affected by this eclipse will need practice some control for a better future.

Moon Leo 3 does not gloss over its egoistic traits. During this period, Ursa Major is driven by its nurturing, as well as maternal energy. Now, it actually depends how your soul controls the hostile energy which Leo can trigger in you. You will also have to learn to compose your energies, as well as rekindle your real self.

When the solar eclipse touches someone, it makes his soul more aggressive. Decisions made at this period may upset those around the executor though it is respected for the sheer courage of undertaking it. If the person is a leader of a nation, head of the family, or of a company, the eclipse is going to assist him in protecting those around him.

The fixed star in the Solar Eclipse

Dubhe or the Alpha, and Merak or the Beta, are an essential part of the Ursa Major. These two stars are easily visible in the Plough or the Big Dipper as part of this constellation. Robson considers Dubhe as destructive and Merak as authoritative, as well as dictatorial. According to Manilus, who is the 1st-century astrologer, this destructive energy can be seen positively as one that tames the negative energies. During this period, the Bear is going to destroy the wrath of the Tiger (Leo) and make it calm.

It also looks promising in the case of troublemaking children and those with uncultivated energies. Now, Leo is going to direct its leadership characteristics to guide those directionless souls who need a trailblazer. Bernadette Brady believes that the Ursa Major encourages insight, as well as patience to peacefully resolve problems instead of being driven by the impulses.

The educational triangle of the Solar Eclipse

The conjunction of Mercury and the Moon: this combination is not easy, considering the polar opposite characteristics of the two – Mercury has erratic energy, and the Moon is driven by nostalgia, as well as insecurity though both have a magical feel about them. If we manage our thoughts well, the solar eclipse of this year can be used constructively. If mercury dominates this eclipse, a light-hearted, as well as the charming and spontaneous feeling is going to support our decisions.

Moon square/opposite Jupiter will also offer unrestrained love and nurture to everyone. During that same time, it is uncontrollable, overreaching, as well as promising beyond its capacities. Moon square/opposite Jupiter also lives on the edge and is mostly favorable for everyone. But, if it is not supported by luck, the failure is grand too. This trine is going to be most active on the 19th of August, and it is best-known for its transcendental idealism and serves as an archetypal guru, healer or divine mentor. Also, it can appear as a person in your life who is going to start to idolize. It will also tempt you to be captivated by its mysticism.

What to expect during this time?

The August Solar Eclipse is a risky game. At the start, you are going to be nostalgic as of the Moon and Mercury conjunction. Moon opposite Jupiter is also going to promise the unreachable. The trine is going to make some offering which will tempt you away from grim reality. However, there will be some hope too.

The temptations may also be hard to overcome, but one is going to have to make difficult decisions such as observing fake soul mate and if necessary, rejecting that person. Also, it could interfere with and harm a wholesome relationship. All you need to do is stay focused.

Also, you need to be alert, as well as cautious with the decisions you make. You should not permit yourself to be driven by the impulse or convenience.


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