Short Mindful Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy

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Mindful Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy

Mindful Eating

  • Activate all of your senses while eating. Be aware of the bright, vibrant colors in your salad, inhale the aromas of the different foods on your plate, listen to the crunch as you cut into a crispy vegetable, feel the textures of ingredients as you chew, and notice the different flavors on your tongue.
  • It takes 20 minutes to digest the food you ate. Be mindful of your pace and stop eating well before you’re full. The more slowly you eat, the more easily you will be able to determine when you’re fulfilled.
  • Smell your food as it’s cooking. Remember this moment while you are eating and keep yourself at the moment. Aromatic and flavorful scents can trick your brain into thinking you’ve already eaten, so you ultimately feel fuller sooner and eat less this way.
  • Crave for a snack? Rather than an oily, fried, or processed snacks from a supermarket, stick to fresh whole fruits to satisfy your hunger between meals. Or you can prepare yourself this healthy snack.
  • Keep your weight in balance. Being overweight or underweight can be equally damaging to your body’s long-term health and longevity. Exercise, have a healthy diet and smart lifestyle habits. All of this can help you regulate the number on your scale.
  • Ayurveda tip: Never mix fish with dairy products. Mixing them create toxins in the body.

Mindful Body Care


  • Moisturize your body. Instead of lotions use oils, such as olive, coconut, or mustard seed. Massaging the oil into your skin rejuvenates muscles, increases circulation, reduces fatigue, and improves hydration.
  • Boost hydration, prevent hair loss and reinvigorate your mood with an oil massage for your hair and scalp. Rub olive, coconut, or mustard seed oils into your hair and scalp for five to ten minutes, or you can leave them overnight for ultra-conditioning.
  • If you’re a fan of pedicures, add a 10-minute foot massage to the treatment. It increases circulation and helps rid your body of excess weight.


Mindful Stress Management

  • Stressed out? Inhale to the count of three and exhale to the count of six. Notice your breath, the expansion of your lungs, and the sound of air traveling into your body. This keeps you present while calming you at the same time.
  • Consistent daily exercise is fundamental to protect against disease, improve immunity, balance mood, combat stress, and increase flexibility and mobility. Yoga is one option, but walking, strength training, and other cardiovascular and muscle conditioning workouts count, too.
  • Move your focus on someone else. Give a coworker a compliment, thank your barista for a fantastic cup of coffee, or tell someone you love how much they mean to you. Or just smile at a stranger. Turning yourself outward and expressing positive emotions allows others to return those feelings back to you.
  • Distractions at work and home aren’t uncommon, but they don’t have to stress you out. Instead of trying to beat them, join them! Tune into the sounds around you—a noisy printer, coworker chitchat, a lawn mower outside, or ambient music—and let them bring you to the present moment. Notice how you feel when you hear them, and let those feelings go.
  • Surround yourself with happy people to maintain a peaceful, balanced life. The more drama, negativity, or stress in your life, the more your health is compromised. Choose friends who uplift you and add positive experiences to your world.
  • Move all your negative emotions, like stress, anger, or fear through your body without holding onto them. The more you focus on the feelings, the more you experience them. But, when you acknowledge you’re feeling a certain way and let it move on, you can quickly get back to feeling healthy.
  • Scale down your day. Rather than overflowing your schedule with a mountain of tasks, make priorities. Concentrate on what needs to be done, and delegate or let go of what doesn’t matter. You will remove stress and be more fully engaged in your priorities.
  • Walk in the woods. Japanese has this practice called shinrin yoku which means “bathing your senses in the forest.” Spend 15 minutes a day walking outdoors or in nature, and notice everything around. Birds chirping, the leaves rustling, the river trickling by. Doing so reduces stress, boosts immunity, and helps your mind practice observing what’s around you.

Mindful Sleep

  • Sleep is fundamental to health. Before bed, take a warm, soothing bath or drink a warm glass of organic milk, considered to be a pure ingredient, 30 minutes before bed to help you fall asleep.
  • Ensure a peaceful night’s sleep by avoiding negative thoughts, worry, or stress before bed. This one is hard: One hour before bed, turn off all electronics, mobile phones, computers, TVs, and avoid reading the news or exercising before falling asleep.

lack of sleep affects our health

And Some More Tips For Mindful Life

  • Spend time with someone you love. Your best friend, a family member, or a new acquaintance you’d like to know better and relish your time together. This will take your mind off preoccupations and immerse you in what you enjoy
  • Surround yourself in nature. Pets count as nature! Get your dog for long walks, spend time with your cat, or let the peaceful environment of your fish tank become a meditation. Both you and your four legged or finned friends will benefit.
  • Commit yourself mentally to stay present all day. Before you start your morning, set the intention that you will stay focused at the moment, and emotionally grounded no matter what life throws at you. Throughout the day remind yourself of your intention. This easily brings your mind to the present.
  • Stay mindful and keep your eye on the steps along the way. When you are focused on what you love doing rather than the success you’ll achieve when you get there, you’re more likely to reach your goal sooner and with more joy.
  • “Dance! Dance! Dance!” Dancing to a song you love gets your heart racing, blood flowing, and keeps you energized. There is no mind wandering when your favorite rhythms are pouring your heart and soul.


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