Remove Bloating In The Belly With This Recipe Tip

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Sassy Water recipe

There is an easy way to remove bloating in the belly in a blink of an eye. This is the sassy water.
The name comes from Cynthia Sass that also made the Flat Belly diet. This recipe makes plain water a wonder water for the health and waist. It as almost 0 calories and makes digestion better too.

This sassy water is key in the Flat Belly diet. The reason is really valid. 8 plain water glasses might be healthy, but more things are there: electrolytes might get imbalanced with JUST plain water.

Those 8 glasses is a generic rule and the individual needs may vary depending on workouts, gender, weight and so on. But, still, 8 is a good number for the day.


Having this sassy water makes digestion better and all items in it are amazing. Cucumber, ginger, lemon, spearmint…


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