Relaxing in a Hot Bath Burns as Many Calories as a 30-minute Walk

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The scientists from the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at the Loughborough University UK conducted a research in which they discovered that spending an hour in a bath filled with 40° Celsius (104°F) warm water, will help you lose more than 130 calories.  When a person lies in a warm bath and relaxes, it will bring the same benefits like a walk for 30 minutes.

Blood Sugar Levels

They included a small group of 14 men. First, they had to ride on a static bicycle for an hour, and after that, they were relaxing in a warm bath (almost 40°C/104°F) for another hour.

Even though the ride of the bicycle has burned far more calories, the conclusion was that relaxing in the warm bath could burn about 13 calories, because of the increased temperature of the body.

The purpose of the experiment was to discover the effects from a warm bath on the control of the blood sugar levels. This is a fundamental thing about the metabolism of our bodies. So, they have examined the blood sugar levels of the participants in the study 24 hours after every experiment.

They discovered that the general blood sugar response has been excessively similar between those that cycled and those that cycled and took a warm bath after that. However, the blood sugar levels were about 10% lower in those that took a warm bath after exercise.

Finnish Sauna

The conclusion of the researchers what passive heating is helpful in reducing the inflammation. In Finland, this is medical therapy. One Finnish study from 2015 has discovered that those men that visited saunas on a regular basis had a smaller risk of suffering from strokes or heart attacks.

In 2016, the Oregon University concluded that taking warm baths will help in lowering the blood pressure.

The university’s researchers also concluded that heat shock proteins or HSPs are the main reason for regulating the levels of blood sugar. They discovered that people who have type 2 diabetes had decreased HSP levels. However after exercising and some passive heating, such HSPs increase, and in that way helps in the controlling of the levels of blood sugar.

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