Five Planets In Our Solar System Are Going Retrograde Right Now — How They’ll Affect You In 2018

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Currently, there are five planets in our solar system in retrograde, if you count Mars in its pre-shadow. That is a lot of retrogrades.

First of all, you should take a big sigh of relief, because Mercury is not retrograde, at least not right now. However, just about everything else is!

You should not be afraid, as this is not a time of calamity. We will help you to empower yourself with information which is going to help you navigate these waters, as well as use the winds to set your sails.

But what all those retrogrades mean? You should think of it like a five-layer cake where each layer has a different flavor.

1. The retrograde of Jupiter

The Jupiter retrograde was from the 9th of March until the 10th of July. Jupiter is the planet of fortune and wealth. It goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. This movement of Jupiter had both positive and negative side to it, so being aware of both can help you navigate. This transit brought some changes, and for those that were not expecting it, change creates fear. But, when we are aware that it is coming, it is not scary. Growth can also be painful, but it leads to a new life. The retrograde of Jupiter was probably not painful but intense.

While the fortune that it brings may be a little slower to come by, since retrogrades deal with the past, we may have the ability to see how we are blocking our success in pursuing our goals. Jupiter always brings some big things, so this time is intense, but in a right way, of course. Our deep-rooted relationship barriers may be uprooted during the retrograde of Jupiter, as the sign of Scorpio deals with things which are beneath the surface.

2. The retrograde of Saturn

The Saturn retrograde is from the 18th of April until the 6th od September. This planet is known as the great teacher, as well as the planet of karma and time. The saying “you get what you give” relates to the mirror effect which the retrograde is going to offer you.

If you were making some extra effort for treating people well, you are likely to see such behaviors reflected you. If you were neglecting people, your environment is going to make you feel the way you were treating others. This is quite valuable as it permits us to see how the energy we put out into the world is reflected and amplified in our own lives.

3. The retrograde of Neptune

This retrograde started on the 19th of June, and it will last until the 26th of September. It is in the sign of Pisces, a sign ruled by the planet Neptune. This is an indicator of time of strong intuition and revealing dreams which could supplement your creativity. Use this time and take action on projects with other people, as your talents are going to be maximized under such a creative burst of energy.

Retrograde Neptune is good for your spiritual development. You may be able to see things on a much more revealing level. Both within yourself and in the world that surrounds you. If your emotions are intense, you shouldn’t try to escape them in any way. You cannot experience any growth by masking your feelings.

4. The retrograde of Pluto

The planet Pluto started being in retrograde from the 22nd of April, and it is going to be until the 30th of September. Generally, this retrograde lasts 5 or sometimes six months and occurs once a year. This planet takes about 12 to 15 years to go through one zodiac sign. This is a helpful time to reveal and heal your subconscious patterns.

Pluto is the planet of the subconscious, as well as transformation. It moves retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This movement will highlight the views and unconscious approaches of people towards business so that they can grow in this area. If we already have set our patterns which are not helpful in our long-term plans for financial stability, they can still be seen, as well as released at the time of this transit.

5. The retrograde of Mars

Technically, the retrograde of the planet Mars is from the 27th of June until the 27th of August. However, the pre-shadow was already in effect since the middle of May. This is generally a time marked with lower vitality. With this in mind, it is not the best time to start some new things. This is a slightly more rare retrograde, which occurs about every two years.

You can notice that the way you handle people shifts or completely flips at the time of this retrograde. If you are an extra timid person, you may also find your inner tiger. If you are too aggressive, you may even see a softer approach suddenly feeling best. Mars is the planet of love and war. It controls our passions. Since it is in reverse, we can see the other side of how we express our emotional forces.

Final thoughts about retrogrades

One of the most empowering parts of astrology is tracking retrogrades. The subtle forces at work in group consciousness can be very much affected by retrogrades. You are going to meet the conversations shift, as well as significant values change. However, the most important thing about this is that you are not caught off guard by major energy shifts like those at play when five planets in total are in retrograde.


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