Celebrate the Winter Solstice Today as the Most Powerful One accompanied by the Full Moon

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winter solstice

There are a lot of rituals, and history connected with the December Solstice.

For thousands of years, this period of the year was celebrated in various ways, across a lot of different religions and cultures, and even nowadays it still exists.

We may feel that magic in the air or also notice it in people around us, or even hear it in some different music. During this period, some strong emotions and feelings are also evoked in every one of us, and they may return for some time.

In every year, there are just two solstices, the first one occurring in June, while the second one is happening in December. They represent critical turning points in the year cycle. The meaning of Solstice is Sun standing still because, at that time, the day has the shortest or also the most extended hours of light, which depends on which place we are, the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern one.

In 2018, on the 21st of December, while the Sun is shifting in Capricorn, we are going to experience the solstice, which is the critical point of the cycle of the Sun in the cosmos. During this specific point, we are entering the new energy directions and begin moving towards the phase of fulfillment and completion.

We will start closing this year during the solstice too. At that point, we will also begin reflecting on some lessons which this cycle brought us. Also, it will be during this period that we will start shifting.

Although we can experience a distinct expression of that energy, which depends on our living place, the message it carries will be the same for everyone.

This solstice is also about the honoring of dark and light, celebrating the Sun that gives life, and also the whole expression of the person we are. However, our way of celebrating is going to be different, and that depends on all the clues or signs which Mother Nature carries for us.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this period is one of reflecting and going within. Also, it will be for honoring darkness and knowing that the light is going to rise again. For these people, the solstice is the dark side of their soul and people will witness the longest night of 2018.

On the other hand, in the Southern one, this solstice will bring the longest day of this year, so it will be time to shine. Also, during this period, people are going to express their potential and permit their inside light to light this world up too.

It will be time to find happiness and joy and to celebrate. Also, during this period, people can utilize all of the powers that the Sun has to achieve their dreams and follow their wishes. They should light themselves up and see this world lighted up too.

Although the two expressions can be entirely different, every one of them will help in achieving the same goal.

The Winter Solstice is all about honoring the fact that even though we can see the longest day, darkness is going to come once again, and even though we can see the longest night too, light is also going to come once again.

Even though we experience duality, every single thing will be the same. Light cannot be perceived without first perceiving darkness, and summer cannot be understood until we understood and saw the winter. These two concepts need each other to have sense and be real. There is just one real state, and everything else is illusions. So, we are just one, the light and the dark are also one, and we are nothing or also everything all simultaneously.

During the solstice in the winter season, people are often reminded that regardless of the darkness of the night, the light is always going to come back. Also, irrespective of the day’s light, the darkness is always going to come back.

We are living in the world in which we may be happy for one moment and the next one, we will be sad. So, in just one instance, our life may change completely. In only one moment, we can face death or pain, or also pleasure or birth.

We are living in this world in which every shade exists, the high and the low, the victory and the struggle too.

Even though they may look like a different state of being, they can be part of anything more significant, such as wholeness. We come to the human state to experience every shade, color, and expression of the emotional rainbow too.

Also, we come to suffer, find joy, thrive or find pain, as well as experience all that as we know that it will make us whole.

We should also honor every cycle, and remember that it is not everything in how often we venture in darkness or even in the light, but it is in how we permit these states to move us, change us, as well as soften us or awaken us to wholeness, love which resides around.

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