Blue Java Banana: The Blue Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

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Blue Java Banana

The so-called Blue Java banana variety can undoubtedly be considered the tastiest and the best thing in the world. This banana variety resembles vanilla ice cream, both in taste and consistency. In fact, the aroma of this banana is sweet, while its name comes from the blue color of its peel when it is still unripe. However, when ripe, the banana has a greenish or pale yellow colored peel. It also goes under other different names, such as ice cream banana (Hawaii), Cenizo (Central America) and Hawaiian banana (Fiji).

The banana is a tropical fruit, which means that it does not do well when growing up in some cold areas. In fact, most of the varieties don’t have the ability to grow under 40F of temperature. They are usually dying at 28F. However, this particular one, Blue Java, is a much hardy variety, as it grows in low temperatures, such as 20F.

How to grow the Blue Java on our own property?

In fact, in the United States, this type of banana can be grown in the zones 9b through eleven in USDA, although some farmers tend to grow from the zones eight through eleven, which are forming part of hardiness zones. Moreover, a zone map is also available, permitting the farmers to know where exactly the plant will thrive the most and the best.

These are several tips about how we can get our Blue Java banana on track:

  • First of all, we have to remember that water is something really important. Bananas really love warm and rich soil that has high moisture. We should water our tree frequently and adequately; however, this does not mean that we should exaggerate with watering it.
  • Bananas need fertilizing too. We should use the NPK fertilizer that has nutrients in 3:1:6 ration. For a plant which is tall 1 foot, we need one cup of the fertilizer for about one month. We should ensure we fertilize when the weather outside is warm. Then, we should spray this fertilizer around its roots and then water these particles down in the soil. We should also add one additional cup to this mix as the plant is growing in height.
  • In order to germinate, bananas will also need sunlight. Constant overcast isn’t good for the germinating plants.
  • We should prune every secondary shoot around the rhizome, and leave only one around our plant, in order to boost the process of photosynthesis.

Where to use Blue Java?

Blue Java’s leaves are strong and wide, and they may be utilized instead of aluminum foil, parchment paper, or some similar wrappings used for cooking. They may also be utilized for grilling, drying, baking, steaming, and boiling.

As it has the taste of vanilla ice cream, we may consume it instead of such ice cream. They are energy-rich foods and low in fats. A banana of 100 grams contains about 89 calories, 0.3 grams of fat, and 22.8 grams of carbs.

They are among the best possible sources of the mineral potassium, which supports the response of the nerve cells, together with the proper contraction of muscles. The adequate intake of potassium is also critical for the appropriate contraction of the heart and regulated levels of blood pressure.

This type of vanilla ice cream banana may be utilized instead of an ordinary banana in every possible recipe, like banana pancakes, cakes, smoothies, or oatmeal cookies, and even more.

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