According to Science, Dogs are Natural Detectives and Can Recognize Bad People

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Dog is a Natural Detective

The dog is an animal which is considered a natural detective. Our forefathers knew this animal very well, and they kept it with them. Dogs have the ability to recognize and identify individuals for what they really are. However, in this world of facts and science, people do not tend to believe in some ancient tales. A lot of them ask for scientific proofs. Well, if you belong to the group of those that doubt, we will tell you that according to science, the dog is an animal which really has the ability to identify if a person is a bad or good one. This study surprised everyone, but those that really love dogs, consider this as an additional reason for adoring this animal.

Is the study real?

Akiko Takaoka from the University of Kyoto was the person that decided to conduct a study on this subject. Previously, it was known that the dog wanted the world in which he lives to be definite. The initial experiment they did was meant to show if the dogs will trust a person that said some lies to them. So, the owners of the dogs would point to a container for food and the dogs, normally, would quickly run to it.  After that, the dogs would be pointed out another food container which was empty, and the dogs were tricked. What will dogs do at such instances?

It is a quite known fact that they understand gestures by humans and that they are going to run to everything that the owner points them out. However, when those gestures are inconsistent, it will make the dogs confused or nervous. So, when you lie to him, he will not listen to your command the following time you do that. Your dog will know that you lied to him and he will not trust you as his owner anymore.

The 34 dogs which were utilized in the experiment provided these same results. They have been quite consistent on this question. Based on some experiences, dogs have the ability to spot unreliable and untrustworthy individuals easily.

What will the dog do when someone treats his owner badly?

The researchers also investigated this area. In one study in Neuroscience and Behavioral studies from recently, it has been stated that dogs often adapt their behaviors on the basis of the behaviors of others. Researchers decided to experiment this too.

They asked the owners of the dogs to actually open some food container and after that ask for some help from the rest of the researchers. So, in the primary example, on researcher helps whereas the other one remains passive. And, in the next one, one researcher stands passively, whereas the other one refuses to help him at all. Well, what was the result and prove from all that? When researchers attempted to get in touch with the dogs, there were some exciting and surprising results which emerged. In the first example, the dog took food from the two of the researchers, while when taking into consideration the person that stood passively and was also rude, the dog simply ignored him.

Unbelievable, but still true.

This sounds quite an incredible thing, right? The researchers were also in disbelief. However, according to the research, it is pretty clear that these animals have the ability to understand the working of societal rules. For example, when we meet a person that is not a good one, our dog will surely understand that.

Dogs tend to avoid individuals who treat their owner badly or in any other way. It is not a surprise that everyone loves them so much. Your dog will protect you at a time when you don’t even know about your vulnerability.

Animals are wonderful and fantastic creatures. People tend to underestimate the intelligence they have, but they keep on surprising us. But, when it comes to dogs, they really want to be living in the now instead of focusing much on the past or future.

You should always be careful and attentive about the way of treating your pet, especially when it comes to dogs. If you lie to your dog once, he will not trust you from that moment on. Also, when your dog behaves strangely around some of your friends, you should start thinking about and researching more about that friendship. Perhaps, you will discover something, and you will understand why your dog behaved like that.

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