According to a New Study, the Users of Marijuana Are Happier, As Well As More Successful in Life

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users of marijuana are happier

New research is shattering the stereotype of marijuana consumers. The users of marijuana are happier, more satisfied, and more successful. They are even more likely to volunteer in their communities than their nonsmoking counterparts.

Last week, the Independents described to its readers how the research was carried out:

“The study, which has been conducted by market researchers BDS Analytics, surveyed the consumers, as well as abstainers across a wide variety of mental, social and financial factors. These also included life satisfaction levels, as well as attitudes towards parenting and employment data. The survey also analyzed extensive data from two US states which have voted to legalize the sale of cannabis – California, and Colorado. “


Among some other surprising findings, the researchers have also discovered that weed consumers make significantly more money. Californians who use the plant earning nearly $24,000 more a year. This can also be related to the fact that about 20% of California pot consumers hold a master’s degree. Only 12% of non-smokers in the state can say the same.

Colorado Results

The researchers have also found a similar situation in Colorado. Here, about 64% of cannabis users have full-time jobs versus 54% of abstainers. Given those numbers, it is probably not surprising that weed consumers are feeling better about their personal lives.

Researchers for BDS Analytics has also associated the consumption of marijuana with healthier habits. Furthermore, cannabis users have an active social life. For example, in Colorado, 36% of smokers described themselves as “very social people,” compared to the 28% for those that avoid the plant. Also, in both Colorado and California, those that consume cannabis enjoy outdoor recreation at significantly higher rates.

Maybe the most surprising discovery is that the users tend to be more generous with their time. Researchers have found that about 40% of the weed enthusiasts in California volunteer in their communities, whereas just 25% of abstainers have dedicated to doing the same.

In one press release, the head of consumer research for BDS, says that all these data points lead to a definite, as well as increasingly apparent conclusion.

“The consumers of cannabis are far separated from the caricatures that are historically used to describe them.”

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