8 Bizarre Uses for Cannabis That Can Revamp Your Health

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Even though marijuana is legal in many states in the world, in the U.S it is still considered a highly addictive drug. But, that was not always the case. In the early parts of the 1800s, cannabis was readily available through physicians in order to treat all sorts of medical conditions, such as stomach problems and headaches.

It wasn’t until 1916 that marijuana started to get banned, with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 completely barring its medicinal use. But, despite its previous restrictions, marijuana is still having a medicinal renaissance. Not just has it become more accessible, but it has also blown the doors off the pharmaceutical world.

You have probably heard of the benefits that the medical marijuana has, but you were not sure enough what conditions could be treated. Here, we are going to explore ten surprising uses for cannabis in order to get your health back on track.

4. Autism

With about one in 59 children living on the Autism spectrum, the need for treatment with cannabis is growing every day. One recent study in Israel has revealed some remarkable data about the impacts of cannabis on children with low-functioning Autism. The common disorders which frequently affect children on the spectrum are violent outbursts, anxiety, and ADHD.

However, the medical marijuana in the form of cannabidiol oil will help in calming these symptoms by preventing the brain from getting overstimulated. There were several parents in the study of non-verbal patients who reported that their children on the spectrum spoke for the first time or started a communication.

5. Boosts sex drive

Some researchers have also discovered that the users of cannabis have sex 20% more than non-cannabis users. Contrary to what most people previously believed – that marijuana caused sexual dysfunction – it actually has the reverse effect. In fact, the use of cannabis before being intimat3e can help you with relaxation and lower performance anxiety.


PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a common psychiatric disorder which affects 8% of the population in the world. Women are twice as likely as men to develop such condition as a result of being exposed to a traumatic event. Among the many types of incidents which can trigger an episode of this condition are sexual assault, as well as military combat, or surviving an act of violence.

PTSD can also have some similar qualities of a panic attack and make the person feel as if they’re reliving their past trauma every day. However, according to some recent studies, the medical benefits of cannabis for people that suffer from PTSD are numerous. Veterans reported some reduced occurrences with nightmares connected with PTSD.

7. Migraine relief

If you belong to the group of 38 million Americans that suffer from migraines, then you should know how important treatment is. Even though many people often rely on over-the-counter pills which contain aspirin or acetaminophen, sometimes they can be too rough on the stomach. That is when taking cannabis for migraine relief comes into play.

Despite the fact that it is gentle to the stomach, but it also helps with nausea which frequently accompanies migraines. The bonus of keeping your liver safer is also a very significant benefit.

8. Cancer

Cannabis has also been proven to help cancer patients with a lot of debilitating symptoms like nausea and low appetite. It is an excellent aid in relieving pain, as well as managing sleep problems.

So, what are you waiting for?

As you can notice, there are numerous reasons to try medical marijuana for your ailments. Also, remember to consult with a medical professional before selecting the best cannabis option.

Now that you have learned the ten weird health uses for cannabis, we also hope that you will check some more weird facts about cannabis.


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