7 Ways To Remove Negative Energy

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We all can appreciate the beautiful healing energy of spending time in nature, away from civilization. But eventually, we have to come home. When we compare the sense of peace and connectedness, we feel in nature, and to the stress and noise and bustle of the city, we know internally that there is a difference. Part of the difference is the energy programmed into the physical objects of these places. Nature, in general, has more positive energy than our homes or cities.

Reasons Nature’s Energy is Positive

  • There are fewer people around in nature, so it is more isolated from people’s thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Thought energy attaches to the physical objects near the origin of those thoughts. Negative thought energy creates stronger energy patterns and remains longer than positive thought energy. Worry, fear, and stress last longer than love, peace, and happiness.
  • Sunlight is a stream of positive energy that washes away any negative energy. It’s like pouring cold pure mountain stream water onto a sponge. The sponge has rinsed off anything it has collected. When was the last time you were depressed after a day at the beach?
  • Nature is usually filled with plants. Plants give off positive energy. They are alive, so they put out a positive vibration, but plants don’t think so they don’t put out any negative thoughts the way people do. Plants don’t’ worry about jobs, or bills or relationships.


Before we can start filling our homes with positive energy, we need to remove any accumulation of negative energy. So here is a list of seven simple, proven techniques that you can use to remove negative energy from any space:

7 Ways to Remove Negative Energy

Salt carpets

This is the simple easiest best way. Simply sprinkle dry table salt on the carpet, wait an hour and then vacuum up the salt. Use approximately 3 to 6 spoonfuls of salt for a medium size room. Salt crystals have a fantastic natural, built in-ability to erase the programming of energy. Using salt is like using an eraser on a chalkboard. The information on the board is wiped away.

A proper meditation once or twice a day in your living space will broadcast out a powerful positive vibration. A broadcast from a meditative state of mind becomes much more powerful than it would otherwise be, making positive energy more powerful than negative energy. Proper meditation will saturate a space with uplifting energy for several hours.

Rearrange the furniture

The Chinese have the art of Feng shui. Again, negative energy needs something to “cling to.” Arrange your space with as much wide open space as possible, allowing any negative energy to disperse. But also the act of rearranging will cause this harmful energy to dissipate.

Add living plants

Plants add color, life, oxygen and positive energy to your home. All good things to have. But, you have to take good care of houseplants and water them and maintain properly.


Of course, smudging is also another wonderful way to remove negative energies as well! Even in the happiest of homes, negative energies will enter our homes in ways many people cannot foresee. For example, when you go grocery shopping, your food has been handled many times in order just to make it to the grocery store, where it will be handled even more by the person who stocks the shelves, your cashier, and bagger. The shopping cart where you placed the food has the energy of everyone who used that cart before you.

If you’ve ever bought something from a flea market, the want ads, Craigslist, etc…, then these items may be carrying the energy of the previous owner(s) as well as anyone who handled it between the point of purchase and the way it was delivered to you.

3 Types of Smudging Herbs


Sage smudging is typically used to cleanse, bless, and heal the object or person being smudged. When a person enters a ceremony or other sacred space, sage is used to cleanse energies. Sage smudging is most commonly used to rid objects of previous energies, such as when we buy a used object or even bringing home groceries from the supermarket.


Cedar smudging is mainly done for protection and is often used to cleanse an apartment or home when you first move in,  Not only does Cedar smudging protect your residence from unwanted spirits, it can also be used for protecting yourself, a sacred place or room or object from unwanted influences.


Sweetgrass is Mother Earth’s breath and brings the blessing of her love. Smudging with sweetgrass is a reminder of the love and presence of the Divine Feminine and how she provides us with everything we need.

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