12 Plants For Your Bedroom — Sleep Better, Lower Stress and Purify the Air

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Sleep well

A lot of people that spent many sleepless nights already know what are the effects those nights have on their mood, productivity, health, and energy. Such sleepless nights may occur due to stress, anxiety or weak quality of the air, because of pollution, molds or odors which affect their breathing.

Some of the inside pollutants which may have a negative impact on the health of people are formaldehyde, as well as Volatile Organic Compounds, such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and benzene, then airborne biological pollutants, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, disinfectants, pesticides, and radon. Such contaminants may lead to the ‘sick building syndrome’ that can cause symptoms which will range from headaches, allergies, as well as fatigue to cancer, nervous system disorders, and even death.

The best and natural way of improving your quality of sleep will be to fill your home with plants and flowers because they are full of powerful purifying and relaxing benefits.


This plant has shiny evergreen leaves, as well as beautiful blossoms with relaxing scent, which promotes good sleep and even relieves anxiety.


The jasmine has soothing scent coming from its ivory and pink blossoms which reduce anxiety and improve sleep, as well as boost alertness and even productivity.


This plant is famous for relieving stress, slowing down heart rate, reducing anxiety and lowering the levels of blood pressure. Also, it soothes babies that cry, and reduce stress. Lavender will also increase the light sleep, while it will decrease the rapid-eye-movement or REM sleep too.

Bamboo palm

The bamboo palm is one small plant which is going to purify your air and help you to remove airborne toxins and smells. Providing you with fresh and clean air in your room, you are going to fall asleep quickly.

Gerber Daisies

The Gerber Daisies are bright pink, yellow, white, as well as orange flowers which emit oxygen during the night, in that way soothing apnea and allergies’ symptoms and improving the mood.

Spider plant

The spider plant is the most potent air cleaner of all these plants because it can eliminate about 90% of formaldehyde from the air, which is a potential chemical which can cause cancer. It also absorbs odors and fumes, as well as sustains the levels of oxygen in a room, enhancing the quality of sleep.

Snake plant (Mother-in-law’s tongue)

This plant is probably the most powerful and beneficial one which you can have in your home. It will release oxygen during the night at the same time absorbing the carbon dioxide. In that way, it improves your sleep and cleanses the air.


The valerian is a perennial plant or flower that has scented white or pink flowers. Since Roman times, people are using it to cure insomnia. With this plant in your room, you are going to fall asleep by merely inhaling the scent it releases. However, have in mind that valerian has a strong smell which is not pleasant for everyone.

Peace Lily

This plant or flower is going to filter the air, as well as eliminate harmful trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and benzene toxins. It will boost humidity, and suppress airborne microbes that can cause allergies.

Keep in mind the following things related to plants:

  • To have the ability to filter your air in your home, you should wipe the plant’s leaves every week;
  • For an 1800 square foot home, NASA recommends 15 to 18 plants for purification of air;
  • Always check whether the plant you choose is toxic so that you can protect your pets and children.


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