Pisces New Moon Ritual for Setting Your Desires — Say Goodbye to the Old and Welcome in the New!

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New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces, which is on the 17th-18th March, signifies a time of healing, as well as reflection and a time of planting new seeds.

For most of the year so far, we have been under the influence of Mother Moon. With two Blue Moons and a series of potent Eclipses all happening in the first three months, lunar energy has been at an all-time high.

The March New Moon in the sign of Pisces will bring a special turning point of energy, as shortly following, the Sun is going to shift into the sign of Aries, announcing the beginning of the astrological New Year, as well as the beginning of another 12-month cycle.

Therefore, it is under the energy of this New Moon that we can wrap up relaxed ends from the last 12 months, as well as think about how we will move ahead into the future.

This ritual is intended to help drive you into a relaxed state of being where you can be open to reflecting on how you have grown and what desires you have for the future.

If the eyes are the window to our soul, the feet are the window to our whole physical body. The energy of Pisces will rule over the feet, as it is through the feet that we support our body, connect with Mother Earth, and can move forward in the direction of our dreams.

Here, we will present you a foot pampering ritual which is going to help you to say goodbye to the old, as well as welcome in the new.

New Moon in Pisces Foot Soak Ritual, 2018.

You are going to need the following:

  • Large foot soaking tub or you can also do this in the bath;
  • Dried or fresh herbs, whatever you choose (chamomile loose leaf tea also works great!);
  • Dried or fresh flowers, whatever you choose;
  • Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt;
  • Smudging tool of your choice;
  • Journal and pen (optional).


  1. Start by smudging your whole body from top to toe. As you smudge yourself, you should repeat the following mantra or write your own:

“I cleanse, and I release all the dead weight from the year that is gone by. I cleanse and release the journey that I have walked for the last 12 months. I replenish my energy now and welcome in the new. I welcome the beginning of a new chapter and ask that whatever is sent my way is done so peacefully for my highest destiny and growth.”

  1. Get comfortable, as well as set up all that you need for your foot soak. Fill up the tub with warm or hot water.
  2. The salt is for purifying, as well as for detoxifying. You should recite the following and then pour the salt in with feeling: “I cleanse and release all old, stagnant energy which is no longer mine to carry.”
  3. You should repeat this process following with the herbs – “I calm and center my mind, as well as the body, and spirit so I may hear the calling of my soul guiding me in the right direction.”

Some of the herbs that you can use:

  • Sage: it is good for cleansing;
  • Basil: it is good for purifying and releasing;
  • Parsley: it is good for detoxifying, as well as strengthening;
  • Rosemary: it is good for releasing and cleansing;
  • Chamomile, Lavender: it is good for relaxation;
  • Lemongrass, Mint: it is good for invigorating.
  1. You should repeat this process with the flowers – “I bring joy and peace to my life so that I can move with the flow, as well as feel empowered by the direction that my life takes me.”

Flowers, which you can use:

  • Red: it brings in passion, romance, love, and confidence;
  • Pink: it brings in heart healing, as well as feminine energy and money;
  • Yellow: it brings in joy, optimism, and mental clarity;
  • Orange: it brings in energy, as well as motivation and sexual healing;
  • Blue/Purple: it brings peace, intuitive energy, and sensuality;
  • White: it brings in purity, as well as balance and peacefulness.
  1. Now when all your ingredients are in the tub, you should add your feet and soak up all the delicious energy. As you sit there, you should visualize all the energy that is entering up through your feet and reaching up and out of the top of your head.
  2. Reflect on how much you have grown over the last 12 month period and maybe think about what feeling or energies you would like to bring into your life moving forward.
  3. As you sit there, you should feel free to journal, as well as meditate or even read a good book. Use this time in whatever ways feels best to you.
  4. Once when you are done with the foot bath, feel free to massage your feet with a nice moisturizer. You can discard the water into the garden, or collect the herbs and discard it in the trash if you do not have access to a garden.

Happy New Moon Everybody!


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