Relive Your Coughs And Bronchitis With This Natural Remedy

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Relive Your Coughs

Coughs and colds will always be there in the cold winter months to remind you of your frailty. Also, coughs may appear due to smoking, passive smoking, air pollution, and old age.

Coughs are also a way in which your body cleans up your respiratory system, and indicates that there is some infection like bronchitis or other similar problems.

Coughs are considered to be ‘acute’ if they don’t last more than two or three weeks. On the other hand, coughs are considered to be ‘chronic’ when they last eight or more weeks, or also four weeks in small children.

Paying more attention to specific details, such as how the cough sounds, for example, together with the symptoms which accompany it, a person will have the ability to identify the real cause, and that is quite an essential thing for the process of recovery.

The first thing that people do when they start coughing is visiting the pharmacy and buying syrup for coughs. Also, they consider it the best alternative for soothing it. But it is not the best option, as according to some researchers, syrups are not that effective.

Luckily, the versatile and exciting natural remedies are here to offer you help in such cases.

Homemade banana cream for coughs


  • Two organic and ripe bananas;
  • Two tablespoons of organic raw honey;
  • 400 milliliters of water.

Preparation and use:

First of all, you should mash the two bananas in one bowl, using a wooden spoon. After that, boil the 400 milliliters of water and pour over the mashed bananas. Then, cover and leave the mixture aside to cool for half an hour.

After it is cooled, add two teaspoons of honey, stir the mixture, and take about 100ml of the remedy four times a day. Before you consume it, you can gently heat the mixture.

Bananas are going to relieve your cough, as well as all the symptoms coming with it, but they are also going to boost the levels of serotonin and in that way aid you to fall asleep quickly.

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