Herbal Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray Recipe

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Yoga mat cleaning

You’ve sweated, you’ve smiled, you’ve laughed, you’ve cried, and you’ve sweated some more. With the many adventures you’ve embarked on with your yoga mat, there reaches a point when your mat needs to be cleaned.
How do you clean a yoga mat?
Well, here is a simple cleaning spray to refresh and clean your yoga mat.



  • organic witch hazel
  • organic thyme leaf
  • 6 drops organic clary sage essential oil
  • 6 drops organic grapefruit essential oil
  • 12 drops organic rosemary essential oil
  • 8 oz Pantry Jar


Fill an 8 oz glass jar ½ full with dried thyme leaf, cover with witch hazel extract, and infuse for a few days (2-3).
Strain the thyme infusion and pour the liquid into 4oz glass or plastic spray bottle.
Carefully add a drop of each essential oil.
Shake well before each use and spray liberally on your mat after each practice. Feel free to give it a wipe with a dry cloth if needed.

Also, check our article about benefits of rosemary oil, antibacterial properties of essential oils and GSE.



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