The Best Vitamin Salad — Eat it for Dinner 3 Days in a Row, and You Will be Amazed by the Results

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Every one of us knows the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, and therefore, every one of us tries to lose some weight. But, sometimes, this aims is not that easy to achieve. Although you have cut out unhealthy food from your diet and started exercising, that excess pounds may not go, away. One of the main reasons may be your digestive system.

Digestion problems and weight gain.

Digestion problems like slow bowel movements, indigestion, constipation, and so on, are one of the leading culprits for weight gain, as they permit fat and toxins accumulate in the body.


Bowel movements should ideally happen one or two hours after a meal, or even one or two times a day. The reason for slow bowel movements can be some medications, as well as dehydration, lack of fiber, and functional flora deficiency in the gut.

Moreover, constipation is a condition which happens when the body has some difficulties in emptying the bowels, as well as hardening feces. This is a disorder which may be a result of low fiber, some medications, irritable bowel syndrome, excessive use of laxatives, put off going to the toilet, as well as dehydration and colon issues.

Therefore, keeping your gastrointestinal system in good health may be a significant contribution to weight loss. Because of that, we are going to present you a recipe for the best vitamin salad which is a natural remedy that treats such issues.

The salad which we are going to present you will clean the fecal fat in the bowels, flush out toxins from the body, as well as provide more than enough fiber and balance the pH level in the body. You should eat this salad for dinner three days in a row, and you will also be surprised by the results it provides.

The vitamin salad

Needed ingredients:

  • Cabbage;
  • Beet;
  • Carrot;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Seasonings (optional)


Preparing this vitamin salad is very simple. All you have to do is grate three parts of cabbage, one part of beet, and one part of carrots. Then, you should add some seasoning herbs if you prefer to do so. The next step is to mix the ingredients well and add a little bit of lemon juice. In the end, sprinkle with some vegetable oil, ideally olive oil.

This is a salad which will provide you plenty of minerals and vitamins, as well as some other nutrients like fiber and pectin. Enjoy!


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