1 Glass of Turmeric Juice Equals to 1 Hour of Exercise That Can Improve Your Heart’s Health

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Turmeric, which is a common kitchen ingredient, it not just a typical spice. In the kitchen, we typically use turmeric spice as a component of curry dishes. It is almost consistently seen in superfoods lists, as it has a lot of health benefits, which vary from its antibiotic properties to improving memory to even fighting some types of cancer.

Based on research, there is one more profit which we can add to the already long list: turmeric can enhance your cardiovascular wellbeing as much as physical workouts.

The study, issued in American Journal of Cardiology, affirms that turmeric juice can lessen the chances of heart attack by up to 56%. This current study also confirms the advanced research issued in 2012 in the Nutrition Research Journal. This study concludes that consuming the spice or supplements can be as helpful as anaerobic workouts in enhancing your hear wellness.

A polyphenol, known as curcumin, is responsible for the health benefits of the turmeric root. Not just reliable for the color of spices, curcumin also have lively properties which can enhance vascular function, specifically in postmenopausal women.

At this period of the life of a female, heart issues easily appear and hence become a factual health issue.

If you intend to use turmeric for your heart wellness bear this in mind:

  •  Consume around 150 ml of turmeric juice. This quantity is equal to 25mg curcumin, which, consumed for eight weeks every day, can enhance heart function.
  • The content of curcumin in off-the-shelf powdered turmeric is not elevated. It’s typically just 2 percent.
  • Consuming one teaspoon of turmeric powder every day will show the health benefits. As a substitute, you can use turmeric capsules.
  • Try to mix a pinch of turmeric to your dishes or add some turmeric to your teas.

However, do not forget your workouts. Turmeric can enhance your cardiovascular health, but it is not an excuse to become lazy. Supplements cannot act as a replacement for physical exercises.


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