Tonight’s New Moon Is All About Fortune — Prepare For Powerful New Beginnings!

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The New Moon of 2019 in Leo would put us through a tunnel, where we would be able to focus on what’s ahead.

For long we have tread upon our past, on our mistakes, on our ancestral programming. This New Moon is going to add a sense of fierceness and urgency that Leo is famous for.

Even though such important matters would continue to haunt us until we finally get closure, it is important to live out our own life too.

So even the tiniest ripple in the water can lead to unforeseen circumstances that could possibly change the course of everything.

Relationships will come into focus as Jupiter comes closer to Mars, who is fused with the goddess of marriage, Juno.

You would also find yourself thinking and concentrating on healing. As the Moon trines with Chiron, currently, in a Retrograde under Aries, you would be able to bring out your own freedom into the mix and strut around what you are made of.

Much larger forces would be at work here, as there would be several occurrences of evolutionary shifts along the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

As Chiron would constitute itself into a grand trine with the Moon and Jupiter, you would find yourself getting outrageously ecstatic and prone to taking more risks, as you start getting healed.

Jupiter would also be in a conjunction with Eris, the goddess of conflict, in Aries, and the Juno/Mars conjunction inside Leo. As you can probably guess, things will take a massive shift, and go completely out of the loop as these forces would work in unison to wreak havoc.

Also, Mercury would be squaring Eris, so you can expect a bit of chaotic noise, as everyone would want to be heard. Speak out your mind too.

Even with all this chaos, you would still be able to glance at the big picture here. Couple that with the big doomsday clock hanging over your head, and the energy coursing through your body, things will certainly speed up.

Don’t stop searching for more information or insight- anything would help you.


Via Conscious Reminder re-posted here with permission.

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