Tonight Is A Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse In The Sign Of Leo — Here’s How It Will Affect Your Mind, Body and Soul!

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A Total Lunar Eclipse is a state which happens when the shadow of the planet Earth falls directly over the Full Moon. For a short period, the Moon disappears and the night turns completely dark.

In ancient times, people believed that this darkness was a sign of significant change and a bad omen for what was about to come. They also thought that a Lunar Eclipse would bring a rise of darkness and that evil would flourish.

Such beliefs have created superstitions around Lunar Eclipses, some of which are still observed today.


A lot of cultures in the world believe that a pregnant woman should not go outside on an Eclipse, fearing a miscarriage. Some people also think that eating during an Eclipse will bring ill health and bad luck.

Even though each Lunar Eclipse can have its energetic impact and astrological meaning, they also can stir things up on a physical, as well as emotional and soul level.

One reason why the Moon is a symbol of the feminine is that it works in tandem with the menstrual cycle. It is also believed that the Moon affects hormones, which is why some people feel extra emotional or sensitive during a Full Moon period.

Also, the Moon has been linked to creativity and the gift of intuition. Whenever there is a strong lunar activity, it always creates the right vibration, as well as an environment for working on some creative projects and strengthening your intuitive or psychic gifts.

When the creative energy is not used or if your body has been under stress, a Lunar Eclipse will create feelings of agitation, frustration, tiredness, anxiety or just a general feeling of “offness.”

Lunar Eclipses can mess with your sleep cycle too, so it will make it difficult to fall asleep.

What is important to do to counteract these physical symptoms is to understand what signs the cosmos is trying to show you in the period of the Eclipse.

Tuning in, as well as expressing your creativity, doing some releasing work, exercising, and getting plenty of rest, can also help you to bring balance to your body. Practicing lots of self-love, as well as self-care and visualize healing white light around you can be helpful too.

Working with crystals will also be a great way to help temper any sensitive or frustrated energy that the Eclipse may bring.

Any white, blue, pink or purple crystals tend to work well for lunar energy, but trusting and following your intuition when picking the perfect crystal to work with.

Everyone will feel the effects differently.

Everyone is going to be called to walk in slightly different directions under this energy.

Lunar Eclipses are turning points. Such points are points of rebirth, points of highly concentrated feminine energy, and all of this will permit us to go within and work out our highest truth.

Lunar Eclipses always put you where you have to be. They always guide you in the right direction for you, and they always reveal to you what exactly you will have to know where you are heading.

You should embrace the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, as well as use the power to clear, to release and to reflect in the waters of your own heart and soul.

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