Japan Constructed the Most Beautiful Sound Garden in the World — an Amazing Wild Orchestra

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Sound Garden

Our nature has beautiful sounds. For instance, when the wind blows, the trees make a beautiful sound. When heavy raindrops through the leaves, they make an amazing sound. Just like a wind orchestra.

For example, when some tree falls in a forest, does it make any sound? What if you utilize all those trees to make a giant, 50-yard long xylophone? Do you think it will make a sound? It probably will, and that sound is astounding.

In 2012, when one Japanese company put the last touch phone on the market, Morihiro Harano, together with his teammates decided to abstain from the technological addiction connected with such spots and take an organic approach, instead emphasizing the wooden backplate of the phone. A strange design may look like an odd thing to emphasize, but it was necessary for their project.

There was not much space for a mistake – one misplaced sound could distort the whole Cantana’s tempo off, in that way making the construction of the instrument quite hard.

The exact day when the commercial was filmed, a massive earthquake also hit Japan. When the commercial was on after that, the peaceful melody of the xylophone also provided a calming experience for the nationally-felt trauma, and more importantly, a message everyone needed to hear. A message of hope and rebuilding, of the indestructible ability of the nature to survive, carry on, as well as stay beautiful. The advertisement went viral and eventually aired on television too.

Nowadays, the forest xylophone has found its new home at the Daisetsu Mori-no Garden, which is the primary venue of the famous Hokkaido Garden Show of Japan.

The visitors of the forest can now buy a rubber ball from a vending machine and become conductors, proceeding one after other to continue the vernal symphony.

As wet boards can rot and deteriorate, the xylophone also “rests” on rainy days, but at any other time, the forests of Japan are alive with the sound of music. And, while the tune may be Bach’s, the music ultimately owes its magic to the spirit of nature.

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