Scientists Discover One Of The Most Mysterious Ancient Books Ever Written That Teaches Superhuman Abilities

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Superhuman Abilities

Researchers have discovered one quite a mysterious book, which dates back to the thirteenth or twelfth century. The name of the famous book is “Lesser Key of Solomon,” and it contains an ancient text which is called the “Ars Notoria” or the “Notory Art of Solomon” which teaches us some superhuman abilities.

Superhuman abilities

While there were a lot of texts which promised supernatural powers in the past, this one was entirely different as it focused mainly on prayers, as well as meditations and another oral exercise, unlike some other books that focused exclusively on spells, as well as potions and rituals.

The oldest writings in this book offer those that read and understand it, a silver tongue, as well as perfect memory and unimaginable wisdom.

The original texts in the book are in three different styles: Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Some believe that King Solomon used the original writings of the “Ars Notoria.” This knowledge made him wise, compassionate, and talented ruler.

Additionally, inside of the ancient texts, there is a trick which many readers are going to find beyond fascinating.

The Trick of Quantum Entanglement

The trick called ‘magnetic experiment’ details how to use lodestone and needles to communicate throughout great distances accurately. By rubbing two needles against the exact lodestone, they would probably become ‘entangled’ beyond space with each other. As a consequence of that, if one of the needles moves, so would the other one.

Moreover, if one places the needles in the center of a circle of letters and images, two persons can communicate across vast distances with only spelling out words.

This ancient text also contains a lot of ideas and notions considered a way ahead of their time.

There were a lot of ancient books written in the past, promising mysterious powers to their readers. People strongly believed that those manuscripts offered some magical powers and methods of alerting the consciousness of those that read it.

Certain sciences avoid many parts which they cannot comprehend or explain. Is it possible that this one is of them?

A long time ago in the past, there were not many people that knew how to read or interpret ancient sacred writings, which could also have inherently, categorized some texts as mysterious, as well as powerful.

Nowadays, people discredit anything which science cannot prove, although some of the greatest scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein knew there was something more; something that was beyond the observable and testable reality.

Maybe between these two, which are the ignorance of the past and the rigidity of today, there is a whole new, strange and hidden world.

If you’re interested in taking a peek, you can download the copy here.


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