Release Emotional Attachments and Cut Etheric Cords

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Cut Etheric Cords

Feverish, Rachel rolled over on her side and shivered. She had been ill for three days, and the sickness seemed to be the cruelest of all she had experienced. Not only was her body weak, but Rachel had also been undergoing vivid visions of painful experiences with past lovers.

Every time she closed her eyes, she was swept into another daunting memory, and the memories so powerful she felt as if she was reliving them.

“Why is this happening to me?” she cried. Rachel took a deep breath in an attempt to calm her mind. “This isn’t a normal cold,” Rachel thought. The psychological component was tearing her emotional body in four different directions. The constant downloads of information from past lovers clogged her mind.

Her heart filled with old aches and pains making it difficult to breathe. Rachel was a strong woman who could usually withstand anything, but this sickness had brought her to her knees.

Suddenly, she felt as if there were hands grasped around her throat. Struggling, she closed her eyes and found herself standing in front of her ex. “What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to stay home? You’re dressed like a slut,” Jackson spat.

“I am not your girlfriend anymore Jack, and I can do what I want,”

Rachel said slightly intimated. Jackson smiled, moved closer, and placed one hand on her small neck, slowly closing off her air supply. “Jack stop it!” she cried.

Rachel kicked her legs and was able to knee him hard in the stomach. Doubling over, Jackson dropped Rachel to her knees. Following her instinct, Rachel picked herself off the ground and ran.

Falling back into the present and her physical body, Rachel opened her eyes to feel the small piece of paper with his name written on it. It felt as heavy as a brick. She lit a match, sparked the paper, and watched as his name slowly burned into ash.

As the fire licked at the paper, Rachel felt a hand release off of her throat. “I release you,” she whispered with every intention to severe the etheric cord that once connected her to Jackson.

Take a second and imagine all of the people you may be connected with, all of the cords that could be draining you. Funny, we take the time to clean our physical body every day. We brush our teeth and take showers, yet we don’t think to clean our energetic bodies regularly.

By cutting old cords and attachments, you are making room for the new. You will gain freedom from another, the freedom I know that you desire. You won’t have to receive random thoughts about your ex’s or feel anger from an old best friend.

Cutting cords is an intentional process. You have to desire truly to move on, and stop connecting with the other person or object. If you have any secret urge to carry on with the open connection, cutting the cord will not work!

It is solely based on your truest desires. You have all of the power to sever a cord with anyone who is bothering you psychically or intruding on your emotions or thoughts.

A failed attempt at cutting a cord indicates that you may not be ready to move on yet. This leaves an opportunity to question why you are not ready, and why you are still holding on. Possibly there is a lesson you still have to learn.

Many of my clients suffer from negative attachments, so I created a ceremonial technique to release them.

  • Write a letter to the person who is holding the attachment with you. Make sure, to be honest, and say everything that you want to gain closure.
  • Make sure to put the person’s full name.
  • Call out the person’s name, close your eyes, and summon his/her energy.
  • Read the letter out loud and affirm each word.
  • Burn the letter in the fire.
  • Place your hand over your heart or wherever else you feel the attachment lives and say, “I release the emotional attachment to (full name).” Repeat until you feel the attachment release, and close.
  • For the next few days, you will feel the person trying to look for you, but it is your job to say simply “No” or “You are no longer wanted here” or “Please leave.” Imagine yourself protected in white light particularly where the attachment once was. Also, depending on your faith structure, you can always call on what/who you believe to be the higher power to help you in the release.

Freedom is waiting for you! Everybody can benefit from cutting off negative attachments to those who are no longer serving you. Release the old and reclaim your energy!


Nicole Lunan (Master Healer of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Relationship Coach)


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