Wake Me Up When September Ends: Pluto Retrograde Ends Today, But You Might Still Feel These Effects

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Pluto Retrograde

The way this year (and its news cycle) is going, last April probably feels much farther away than a mere five months. The fact that Pluto, the little planet that could, began its annual retrograde that month probably isn’t helping your sense of time.

When this planet is retrograde, it urges you to reflect on the role that power plays in your life. Do you cede too much control at work or in household matters? Do you actually need to step back and let someone else take the reins? Despite Pluto’s size, it can prompt you to ask yourself some big questions, ones that can take a lot out of you.

Luckily, this backspin will come to a halt this Sunday, when Pluto officially goes direct, but its effects may stay with you after this weekend — such is the nature of Pluto’s slow-burn retrograde.

Ideally, you’re ending this retrograde with a new understanding of who (or what) holds power in your life. Maybe you’ve already taken steps to change those dynamics so that they better meet your needs.

Did you change jobs or overhaul your budget since April? Did you pass on a project or opportunity that you knew wouldn’t make you happy in the end? Even the smallest choices may have a lasting (and major) impact on your sense of agency.

If you’re still stuck in the reflecting stages of Pluto retrograde, that’s fine, too. The dwarf planet will technically be in its retrograde “shadow” period for another four months, so some people may take longer to act on its influence.

Since Pluto is camped out in ever-careful, ever-calculating Capricorn until 2024, it’s more important to make big decisions around power and authority purposefully, rather than rapidly.

However, you spent the last five months, the question of balance and who’s calling the shots will likely stick with you after Sunday, though it may move to the back of your thoughts. Just keep in mind that Pluto rules large-scale, long-term changes and it likes to reward those who transform in order to meet their needs.

So, if you realize that you really should be speaking up where you’ve previously been silent or that you aren’t acting for the right reasons, make the choice to change your approach.

Will that be difficult? Almost definitely. Will it benefit you in the long, long run? Absolutely.

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