Humans Can Feed off Each Other’s Energy the Same Way Plants Do, Study Says

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Research conducted at Bielefeld University has shown that plants can draw energy from another source, like plants near them. Besides plants, this discovery applies to some other forms of life. This can lead to other discoveries in the bioenergy field. And it can ultimately lead to proof that people can draw energy from other people around them, just like plants do.

The team led by Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse discovered that green alga, named Chlamydomonas, not only conducts photosynthesis to produce energy, but it also draws it from other plants around it.

All these findings have been published in the magazine Nature Communications (Source).

To grow, every plant needs sunlight and water. Humans are the same as well.

How can we protect the space and stop energy drains from other people?

First of all, we should stay centered and grounded. Staying within our spiritual self is very important so that we can sense when someone has moved into our space. If we are calm, we will willingly release the negative energy of other people.

Also, we should not resist. If we do that, we attract negativity within us. So if we find ourselves around people that make us feel uncomfortable, we shouldn’t resist as hard.

We probably think that by resisting we will protect ourselves and our space. But the opposite of it is that the negativity will stack on us. So, we should try to stay relaxed and put ourselves in a state of mind where our body is transparent. When we do that, this negative energy will pass through us.

We need to own our aura! All of us have energy fields that surround our bodies. And that is the aura. Being familiar with our space and its boundaries is essential. They are about one arm’s length in all directions from our bodies. We should try imagining this field and keep it clean from foreign energies. Only in that way, we will have the ability to protect our spiritual space.

Also, we should keep our energy clean. Colors play a crucial role in this. Gold is perfect for cleaning our space from foreign energies. We should let pure gold to flow through our aura and body. This will make us feel fresh, and clean as well.

Over time, we even lose portions of our energies through energy drains. No matter where that energy goes, it is vital that we bring it back.

Try imagining pure gold raining over you, and let it represent a magnet. We should give that magnet absorb all our energy from everywhere. We should also picture it as a clean gold power.

After we absorb it, we should bring this gold down to our space and body, and then release it in our personal space.

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