How Herbs & Plants Can Help Your Unblock Your Seven Chakras

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Unblock Your Seven Chakras

According to Hindu philosophy, our body has seven major chakras, all for different reasons. However, we need to bring these seven chakras to align with each other and balance their energies.

Any imbalance in these chakras results in major physical or mental issues which will make our lives difficult. That’s why ancient sages used different tactics to keep their chakras in balance.

In India, plants have always been used to cure many different ailments. Even scriptures dating back to 2500 BC have spoken about plants and of their various healing properties.

A problem in the solar plexus can lead to ulcers, bulimia, poor digestion, and kidney problems. Using rosemary oil and bergamot is a great way to free your intestines from strain.

In the Mediterranean region, rosemary was always considered a good medicine for intestines. You can put it on dishes too. Plus, marshmallows have an effect on relaxing your diaphragm and helping your breath. Other herbs are celery, cinnamon, turmeric, melissa, etc.

Heart Chakra

Love and compassion are controlled by our heart chakra. Any problem in this chakra results in a lack of empathy, feeling of isolation and lack of spiritual devotion. Anger, hatred, grief, are all controlled by this area.

A tincture or tea of Hawthorne berries can help you feel secure in the heart and strengthen your veins to keep pumping blood. Other herbs are jasmine, lavender, rose, and cilantro for the same purpose.

Throat Chakra

It helps in communication and expressing oneself. Any problem in the throat chakra means the appearance of thyroid issues, co-dependency, problems with communication, and insecurity. It will make are nervous and anxious too.

Red clover helps to make us emotional secure. Plus, a research by the University of Maryland shows that lemon balm can help with thyroid issues. Also, if you want to decongest your throat, try rubbing a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on your throat. Other spices and herbs are peppermint, salt and sage.

Third Eye

It is related to the famous pineal gland and is thus helps with our intuition. If it is blocked, then we have a problem with imagination and hence keep making poor decisions or deceiving ourselves.

It can also result in migraines and nightmares. Jasmine, eyebright and mint are great herbs to unlock the third eye. Eyebright can help us to see the dark and light side of things and also treats eye issues.

Mint helps to cure memory loss and depression. Plus, it helps in developing a connection with our body and mind. Other herbs are poppyseeds, mugwort, rosemary and lavender.

Crown Chakra

This is the chakra that develops our connection with the universe and helps with enlightenment. If we cleanse this energy, we can help to connect ourselves with the divine. However, when it is blocked, we will feel lost as we will not be in touch with our spiritual self.

This will result in ADD, migraines, dyslexia, cognitive disorders, etc. Lotus and lavender flowers help us to align our mind and body with each other and helping meditation. Lotus stems and leaves have always been used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Lavender is a miracle herb that can be used for unblocking many issues. Plus, these plants can be used with tea too. So, start unblocking your chakras now.

Disclaimer: These are not intended to be substitutes of professional medical advice.


Via Conscious Reminder re-published here with kind permission.

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