Prepare for the Harvest Full Moon Tonight — It Brings Magic and More than Enough Energies

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harvest full moon tonight

It is time for the temper testing Full Moon in the fire sign of Aries. The universe scheduled it on 24th of September. It is going to help us push past our limits if we channel our energy with our intentions. It is very important to know that a Full Moon in the sign of Aries, which is a fire sign element, can bring anger and aggression if we channel the energy in the wrong way. Therefore, to make this celestial event a growth spurt instead of a dead end, we need to present you some tips.

A Full Moon is always an extremely exciting time. We can always look forward to it giving us a boost of energy and bringing the changes which we were diligently working to manifest since the New Moon just two and a half weeks prior. For those that are suffering their emotions down, those emotions can come rushing out as if a dam has just burst open.

So, let us begin.

What are the potential setbacks which you should avoid?

The two days before and the two days after the Full Moon still carry the energy of it, so it is good for you to do things which are going to keep you calmed cool and collected so that you can get through this period with ease. If there are some people you tend to get particularly short with, you should get space from them, and if you have to be around them, you should take a deep breath and do not take things they say personally. You should know that people usually are lashing out towards other people as they are fearful or still hurt by something which happened in the past.

Some of the simple ways to quell your anger on this Full Moon are to book a massage, play calming meditation music, diffuse calming essential oils or burn calming increase, as well as exercise to blow off steam. What is not advised is drinking on a Full Moon, because alcohol amplifies the energy beneath the surface and can exacerbate tension and anger.

How can you grow during this Full Moon period?

We are facing a celestial event with extra energy happening. It brings us the power to direct our energy to push through boundaries. This time we have the wounded healer Chiron in conjunct with the Full Moon. It can trigger us into a place that feels familiarly frustrating, or even a bit painful.  Just notice when this feeling comes up and then embrace it to heal finally. The emotional sting that the universe is giving you is just a signal that there is healing to be done, and there is energy to be released.

To heal, you can, for instance, sit in meditation and try to release the original experience that is causing pain. You can also meditate for more love-filled spiritual perspective in the situation. Open your heart more instead of shutting down. This could also finally let go of a disempowering thought pattern that was with you for a long time. In addition, it is a very exciting chance that can finally permit you to raise your vibration and expand.

On 23rd of September, the Sun is in the sign of Libra. It can help us to be social and focus on the problems of justice and society. This is going to be a great time to use the fire of the Aries Full Moon. Release all negative from your life. That could probably mean letting go of a toxic relationship, job or even habit that keeps you from sharing your love with the greater good in a meaningful way.

Planetary Movement

Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, and fantasy end it’s retrograde and goes forward on the 26th of September. Pluto, the planet of our subconscious and hidden power, will also go forward on the 30th of September, so prepare yourself to feel like you have come back into your body and the world in just a few days.

If you feel any sense of depression during this Full Moon in Aries, it’s OK. The strong energies that hit the planet are affecting you. Just watch a funny movie and find some ways to love yourself more until the intensity passes. Laugh it off! Finally, prepare yourself for things to show up whether you were trying to manifest a new relationship, a new job, or perhaps a new spiritual skill. This Full Moon will fulfill wishes if we were super clear on what we want and we’re working towards it.

Watch how everyone around you starts receiving news or gets asked out on dates and chuckle when the energy of this Full Moon skews plans and makes us forget our car keys!

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