Tonight’s Full Moon in Libra Is All About Power — Prepare For New Beginnings!

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Full Moon

Tonight’s Full Moon, is going to reward us for all of our struggles. The previous Full Moon, which was on the 21st of March, brought new energies with it which are going to be recharged with the April Full Moon. It will also mark the last days of our pain and suffering.

Full Moons represent the struggles which every one of us faces before we definitely evolve as individuals. Uranus is going to bring its own influence on the Full Moon. In fact, it symbolizes breaking free from some traditions, and also putting something new in our journey.

This planet will also connect with the so-called Aries Sun which signifies dynamism and passion. We all crave for originality and change, but we also have to understand what we may offer to this world. In fact, that would be where the Libra Full Moon will come in.

Mercury moved back on the 28th of March, although it still stands in a shadow phase. That’s why our thoughts need some time in order to become clear. The energy of the sign of Pisces makes us think a lot more about other people than about ourselves.

This will end during the lunation period. The emotional and psychological pressure which we face right now will slowly fade away. Mercury entered in Aries on the 17th of April. With that, we prepared to experience clear thoughts. Aries is the sign of action so that our thoughts will not stay coached in our head.

We are going to project that in our actions and also make some changes in our lives. Assertiveness is also going to return. Aries is going to infuse us with the passion which we need in order to follow our aims and speak about what we want without holding things back.

Although this sounds quite great, carelessness may be quite harmful. With this Full Moon happening in Libra, we will have heightened emotions and the rebel planet Uranus will influence us. We should not speak in ways which could invite arguments. However, if we do enter an argument, we should try to stay calm and reasonable.

No good things come out of arguing and fighting. With all these alignments occurring in a short time period, we can already guess what will happen next. This Full Moon will ask people to bring changes in their relationships.

We should confront our friends or partner if we feel that the relationship we have with them is toxic. Emotions are not something bad, but sometimes, we need to hold them inside us and be more reasonable. We will definitely have some outbursts; all we have to do is balance them.

This Full Moon will give us a small push towards making the most out of our relationships. We should not permit this opportunity to slip away from our hands – we should be firm, and prepared, and most significantly, be ourselves.


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