Powerful Full Blue Moon in Libra, March 31st, 2018 — the Last One Until 2020 in Combination with Mercury Retrograde

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Full Blue Moon in Libra

A Blue Moon occurs when we have two Full Moons within the same calendar month. While Blue Moons are fairly rare, this is the second one in this year.

This powerful Full Blue Moon in Libra is going to deliver us a big portion of lunar energy to work with.

While a Blue Moon is nothing different from a regular Full Moon, having two Full Moons in the same calendar month actually means an opportunity for releasing and letting go under the vibration of that month.

If you experience some emotions around the Full Moon, you should know that they have been here in order to be looked at, dealt with, as well as cleared. This will happen so that you can get yourself back into balance, as well as feel restricted and centered with the direction of your life.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools. When a person forgives himself/herself, as well as other people around them, when that person releases himself/herself of any guilt and pains and bring acceptance in its place, it can be extremely healing and recharge thing for him/her.

If some heavy or maybe heated emotions like anger come up, you have to try to dig a little deeper, as well as see if you can uncover any sadness that may be lingering behind the scenes. Usually, anger, as well as some other heated emotions can be just masks for our pain and sadness.

Also, it is worth to mention that the planet Mercury is in retrograde too so that it will be very active around this Full Moon, so being mindful of what you say, and following your instincts will be a very important thing.

While it can be extremely powerful to do your own healing work, especially under the influence of this Libra Blue Moon, you should not be afraid to also seek external support too. Seeing a counselor, going for reiki or having an acupuncture session are all excellent ways which will help you in supporting your healing journey.

The first several months of every year can sometimes feel unsettling, as we get used to the new energies, and new vibrations. But following this Blue Moon on the 31st of March, it is more likely that we will feel a little more at peace and a little more balanced with what is to come.

The Blue Moon which follows will be drawing us to our center point, and from here we are going to have the capacity of opening up to the wisdom that lies within.

This Full Blue Moon in Libra is also a powerful one which is here to help us balance the scales in our lives. You don’t have been afraid to do away with things which are no longer serving you, and you should not be afraid of letting go of emotions which are throwing you off balance. Also, don’t be afraid to forgive yourself, as well as release yourself from any burdens or guilt which you may be carrying.

Through shedding your thick heavy coat, you are going to feel like you were reborn, and you are going to be capable of tapping into the wisdom, as well as the messages which reside within.


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