December 12 and Angel Number 1212 — its Uniqueness in the Calendar

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During the 12th day of this 12th month of the 2019 year, there will be a powerful numerical code activated, which will help us to raise our light body’s frequency, access some higher consciousness realms, and bring some sense of realization and completion to another significant cycle.

The number 12 is a powerful one which is a representation of completion and wholeness. Each year consists of 12 months, and there are also 12 Zodiac signs. For once we can experience all the twelve of such states so that we will be able to gain some greater understanding and perspective for our past and where we were.

Sometimes, we will have to finish the cycle to start understanding our journey. The sense of awareness and completion is the energy which 12 holds, while on the 12th day of this 12th month that energy is going to magnify.

These are the moments that we can use to step in the river of endless and unconditional love which will flow through every one of us.

On the 12th day of this 12th month, it will be more accessible for every one of us. On this day we should spend some time meditating, turning into our hearts, and even practicing self-care and love.

During this period, we should visualize and expand our energy fields, then tap into them and use them to travel to other dimensions.

Also, we should pay more attention to our dreams on this day, because they may be more predictive or even contain some information four of our most profound soul parts. We can say some prayer or also set intentions while we sleep, to help with all that, and see whether it will help us travel across space and time in our dreams, so as to gain some wisdom, knowledge, or love.

The code will also unlock incredible and powerful energy, so we should use all the advantages of this day. We should also open ourselves to signs or messages which may come to us.

Meditation exercise for 1212

First of all, you should lay down on the floor, in a flat position, or you can also sit upright in Padmasana (lotus position).

Then, close the eyes and take 12 deep breaths to settle the mind. After that concentrate on your body’s top half. Picture it surrounded with the light of an attractive pyramid. Then, see how the pyramid reaches heaven and connects the body with the higher realm.

Then, concentrate on the lower part of your body. Make a mental picture of a second pyramid pointing down to earth. Imagine how the pyramid’s light surrounds this half of the body so that it will connect you with the planet.

When the visual of the two pyramids become strong, take another 12 deep breaths.

Now, imagine how the pyramid’s top slowly spins in a clockwise direction, and its bottom rotates counter-clock. You should let this imagination continue and start observing the sensations appearing in your body. Take 21 breaths in this position, or you can stay for longer.

When you are prepared to finish the meditation, mentally stop the spinning of both pyramids, and then see how the light gets smaller and moves closers to the body, until it entirely absorbs it.

Here, you should take 12 breaths and start wiggling the toes, and fingers. When you feel comfortable, stand up and shake your body. After that, drink one glass of water to help you in cleansing, and balancing out the energy.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)/By Bruce Rolff

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