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new moon and shooting stars

This New Moon will be in the sign of Taurus. We are in the Taurus season, and there is going to be plenty of love to go around, swirling in the autumn breeze. The New Moon in Taurus is a bit of a paradox.

Anyway, what is important about a New Moon in general? You know, New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings, as they mark the very first lunar cycle. This is why it is a great time to set intentions, as well as plant some seeds for the future. Despite the shade of Venus in the sign of Scorpio, the goddess of love will ask you to look beneath the cracks and shadows of your current relationships and values.

Tuesday night will be clearest because the moon will be in its waning crescent phase and will not over-illuminate the night sky with light, NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke shared with He noted that the best time to gaze up will be before dawn on Wednesday. However, the Lyrids will start being visible at around 10:30 pm on Tuesday. You won’t need any kind of special gear to view the showers, other than your eyes. Cooke added that averagely the shower contains 15-20 meteors per one hour.

This duality is part of every New Moon, but in the sign of Taurus, we are likely going to feel the tension even more. That is because learning to embrace the contradictions of life is one of the greatest lessons of this sign.

What does the New Moon mean?

The New Moon is a cosmic portal to new beginnings in our current relationships. It actually gifts us with the ability to see all sides of the story and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of all options that are possible. However, when we got some important decisions to make, this is going to be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

At the time of this lunation, the Sun and the Moon are going to make a quincunx to mystical Neptune, which can finally blur out our current reality. This is a sign which tends to emphasize style over substance, making people more easily fooled by surface appearances. It is easy to miss seeing the inner beauty of those that lack the right look.

Here is something for each of the signs of the zodiac.

1. Aries

For Aries, compromise sounds like a four-letter word. But, when they refuse to meet people halfway, someone always ends up with nothing, and that is just as probable for you too. During this New Moon, with the Sun traveling through your seventh house of relationships too. It is safe to say that your intimate partnerships are going to be top of mind.

2. Taurus

Every one of us lives our best life, but self-care does not necessarily mean self-indulgence. Again, it does not always mean self-denial too. If you want to live well, it is all things in moderation. Also, when the Sun energizes the sixth house of daily routine and the seventh house of the partnership of Taurus, they will make connections in the workplace charming the right contacts.

3. Gemini

With the Sun traveling through your fifth house of creativity, as well as your practical sixth house later this month, you might actually feel an extreme shift regarding your social life and work. You can probably find a balance between them. You can also fall in love, so whether it turns to be a lasting one or just a fun fling, remember to treat each other with respect.

4. Cancer

Cancer cannot find inner peace, as every day feels like an emotional rollercoaster ride. Start simply by acknowledging what you feel right now. Do not make any judgments about which emotions are good and which are not.

5. Leo

Leos are natural-born leaders, and everyone can agree with that. So, it is not a surprise that when conflicts arise, people usually look to you to help you resolve them. During this New Moon, the best thing you can do is avoid taking sides on any problem until you have heard the side of the story of everyone.

6. Virgo

The Sun energizes the second house of values and the third house of communication of Virgo. Being reminded of your self-worth, it is time to speak up and say what you really mean. At this New Moon, whatever your financial situation is, there is a small step you can take to get the balance right.

7. Libra

Life is a balancing act for the sign of this New Moon. However, balanced does not mean a state you arrive at once and stay forever. It is an ongoing dynamic process – those tiny adjustments which you make to maintain your footing no matter what. This is the period of solar return of Libra, and the sun is energizing its first house of self, as well as its second house of values.

8. Scorpio

This is the favorite time of the year of Scorpio, and it is taking some time for itself, while the Sun is traveling through the secretive twelfth house. The deepest and darkest secret of the Scorpio is that it needs people. So, letting itself be vulnerable is a little scary too. During this New Moon, the Scorpio will love its shadow which can help in transforming itself in something completely beautiful.

9. Sagittarius

There is no sign better in crossing borders and breaking problems like this one. But, it is not about wandering. Your journey needs some purpose, as well as fairness, justice, and after all equality. The Sun is energizing in your eleventh house of friendships and the twelfth house of spiritual realms.

10. Capricorn

The Sun is going to energize your ambitious tenth house of the carrier and your eleventh house of friendships. You are not supposed to waste your time and energy cutthroat competition, when you can do something else, for instance, build a relationship instead. Here, the keyword is mutuality, as this New Moon is about collaboration and cooperation and not for using people in order to advance your agenda.

11. Aquarius

People in this sign have big ideas in mind. However, is that mind of yours spacious enough to hold some more than one point of view? This New Moon will be the perfect time for you to open your mind and get some fresh perspective. The Sun will be energizing your ninth house of expansion and the tenth house of career later this month.

12. Pisces

With the Sun energizing through your eighth house of intimacy and the ninth house of expansion, you are going to be craving a much-needed adventure. Pisces are lovers and not fighters. However, a harmonious relationship does not magically occur. It is built on mutual honesty, respect, as well as support, which is something worth fighting for.


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