3 Things We Must Do To Increase Our Human Energy, According To Nikola Tesla

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Energy saving is an essential principle and basic life program. Whatever we do, whatever we like, whatever we feel is good for us, are simply psychological responses which show us how we can be energy efficient on a higher level.

All life forms on Earth crave energy, and we are always going to choose the way of least resistance subconsciously, as a result of that. That is why food that has more calories tastes better, and that is why every time someone questions our beliefs we naturally refuse arguments, or why we feel more stressed and depressed when we lack sunshine.

Every default response is simply energy saving reaction; more calories will mean more energy, or changing our beliefs’ structure will require energy, or it will be more efficient to do less when we lack the sun’s energy.

But, a sudden ‘energy waste’ may result in the consumption of more sustainable energies in our future. This also requires high intelligence. To achieve this, we have to apply conscious effort, during the appropriate time and the right place.

The famous Nikola Tesla has perfectly concluded what the most fundamental and main human energy source is, and how we can increase our energies and constantly evolve as different species.

So, what is the human energy source? All the energy comes from one center, or a single source, which is the sun. It is, in fact, the spring which drives all. Our sun maintains every human life or supplies the entire human energy.

But, how can human energy increase?

The energy given below is going to make us understand everything about Tesla and his lifestyle.

Here are the three steps for energy cultivating:

  • Human mass increase.

To increase our energy, we need to think about speed. For example, when there is one train, and we add another wagon to it, three things may happen. First, the wagon will be of the identical velocity just like the train, which means the train’s speed will increase. Second, the wagon will be with smaller velocity, which means the entire train is going to have its speed decreased. Third, the wagon will be with higher velocity, which means the entire train is going to have its speed increased. These are the three possibilities.

According to Tesla, growing muscles was said to be identical with adding mass of smaller velocity. Food is the most significant element which will increase our mass. In fact, what we all consider as foods is simply processed sunlight.

However, consuming second-hand foods is the main boundary we put on ourselves when it comes to evolving as a race into more kind, intelligent, and less animal-like species.

So, we should consume foods which are closer to our sun, and avoid unneeded enlargements of our bodies which will utilize more energy, or avoid unhealthy addictions and wasting habits which only serve to our ego. Every person that practices such advice adds another ‘wagon’ that has higher velocity to the ‘human train’ we all move.

  • Reducing forces which retard the human mass.

Those forces which retard the man’s outward movement are partly negative and partly frictional. For example, stupidity, imbecility, and ignorance can be frictional forces, while self-destructive tendency, insanity, religious fanaticism or others are forces that have negative character.

In order to entirely overcome or simply reduce such retarding forces, we have to employ different methods. Negative forces will always imply some qualities, which will be badly directed and which we can turn to positive and good advantage. However, directionless and frictional forces involve unavoidable loss. So, the general and first thing we can do would be to turn negative forces in the appropriate direction, while reducing the frictional forces.

Frictional forces are directionless, and ignorant, without qualities unlike those that are negative, and which carry high qualities, but in an inappropriate direction. Cleansing our chakras will be fundamental, just like taking a bath, when it comes to reducing forces which retard our energy. We should permit energies to flow throughout our bodies, which will ensure the friction’s reduction. It will also decrease our energies’ waste with fighting negative emotions which clog our energy pools.

Tesla said that war is not supposed to be finished all of a sudden, as it may result in a thing which will be worse than the war. We should not stop the war; instead, we should redirect war towards one mutual aim of mankind. So, we should use our talents in order to guide our flaws. We should also find peace or eliminate the friction forces with reason, inside us and around us.

  • Increase forces which accelerate the human mass.

This solution is the most significant one to take in consideration, not just because of the intrinsic importance it has, but because of the intimate bearing on a lot of conditions and elements which determine humanity’s movement.

How can we increase the forces which move the human mass? Well, we can do that by spending more energies and spending them towards the direction which will be the most important and efficient one.

Machinery under the system which our motive powers created drives this world. The human mass does not move chaotically but just systematically, following the order like clockwork. For instance, if our motive powers decrease, we are unintentionally going to be imprisoned by the same system which we created. That is why increasing our motive powers are fundamental in increasing our human energies.

However, how can we increase our energies constantly? In fact, there is one secret. When we apply our effort, which means when we come into effect, it is going to happen in the direction of the collective human movement, and the effort will become more efficient than before, and with less energy more will be achieved. This, in fact, means that when more people work towards one mutual aim, more will be achieved with small effort, which will result in increased mutual energy.

So, focusing our motive powers and efforts on one mutual aim, towards the appropriate direction of movement is going to accelerate the velocity with which we move closer to our goal. Then, with time, we are going to spend smaller effort, and we will achieve more.


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