10 Indications That Your Guardian Angel Watches You

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Spirituality is a common topic of interest to most religions. It is somehow always connected with the idea of a guardian angel. However, the truth is that we all have a special form of life energy positively watching over us throughout each day.

Angels are very heartwarming, as well as encouraging subjects to think about. Just the idea of some higher power watching over you for holiness makes you feel good inside and almost safe. While nobody can agree on one religion, as well as a purpose or even a spiritual idea, angels are mentioned in almost every different religion that exists. Guardian angels are a manifestation of positive energy which only has our best of intentions in mind. They watch over us, and they also try to guide us along a concrete pathway of self-discovery and integrity. Angelic forces might be the very reason that we are still breathing today. Maybe they kept the drunk driver out of your path one night, and maybe they made you think to put the seatbelt on before an accident, or even manifested the very cells which defeated a deadly virus in our bodies. There are numerous and endless scenarios of moments where an angel could have saved us.

Each of us has angels watching us from above, but sometimes they may be paying special attention to you. They may be trying to let you know something, as well as warn you of something dangerous in your path. Regardless of the reason, those of us that are being specifically watched by guardian angels are going to experience these signs. Here, we will present to you the most common indicators that a higher angelic force is guiding you in the right way. You should listen to your intuition at that time.

Finding feathers.

Feathers are one of the most strongly connected things to guardian angels. If you are in an area where you would not expect to see feathers, but you do, you might be near your guardian angel. Angles like to leave feathers as they want to remind you that they are there, and watching over you. This is especially true when someone has found a white feather.

Noticing some strangely shaped clouds.

When you were a bit younger, you might have picked out the shapes of clouds, but did you ever thought that they might be the evidence of entities? Sways and traces in the clouds usually are a pointer that a guardian angel is watching over you and that it is trying to guide you in a particular direction. It is not uncommon to see hearts, flowers, or even the shape of an angel in the clouds.

Change in temperature.

If you experience a random change in temperature, maybe a guardian angel is very close to you. Guardian angels travel and exist through frequencies, as well as vibes. The presence of a guardian angel may also change the way the air molecules are reacting, and it is going to cause a noticeable change in the temperature of the room. You should be very observant, as your guardian angel might be telling you something very important. Your capacity to see this might just be based on your ability to believe in it.

Feeling a presence.

If you feel like you are being watched, then this is the main indicator. It occurs more often than we think too. This is usually a sign of a deceased loved one watching out for you, or he/she is maybe keeping up with what you are doing. Feeling a presence in the room with you is a key sign that they are just trying to contact you.

Hearing your name called out.

Have you ever been walking around, in public maybe, and hear your name very blatantly called out? Maybe that has happened more than once. It often catches your attention immediately, as intended. Your spirit guide is probably trying to catch your attention. You should open yourself up to the spiritual world, as well as see if you can make contact.

Vivid dreams or memories.

Even though it is normal to dream, you will maybe experience some unusual dreams. They are remarkably lively, and you remember them very good. It is just as real as what is right in front of you. This can also occur with your memories. If you have sudden memories, but you cannot exactly place where they come from, then this may be a key indicator that your spirit guide is trying to contact you.

Enhanced senses.

Can you suddenly hear, as well as smell and see much better? There may probably be ten seconds when your senses are improved notably. It feels as if you move they are going to disappear, and it is almost like a daydream. If you have experienced this before, that is an indicator that you are on the right way.

Electronics acting odd.

You might have entered some room to witness a TV turning on by itself or switching to a static channel. This is an enormous sign which tells you that a guardian angel is trying to contact you. Because spirits among frequencies it might disrupt some electronics.


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