The “Fountain of Youth” Exercise You Should Be Doing Every Morning

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“Fountain of Youth” Exercise

The Five Tibetan Rites, which is also called the “Fountain of Youth” is the practice that effectively stretches and strengthens all the major body muscles. It may even be helpful with balance. You should learn this quite simple practice that is going to last more than ten minutes, which means you will not need a lot of time.

The best thing would be to practice these rites during the morning period instead of the evening period, as they increase the energy in your body. You should start by practicing five or seven repetitions of every rite, and increase up to twenty-one repetitions.

First rite

“Fountain of Youth” Exercise

You should kneel on the floor, with the toes curled under. Then, place the hands on the back of the thigh muscles. After that, tuck the chin in towards the chest. Slide the hands down your thighs’ backs as you are drawing the shoulders back and the head up towards the sky. Remember that you should arch the upper back quite more than the lower back. You should move the head back just like you draw a line on the room’s ceiling using your nose. You should return to the upright position slowly and repeat. You should breathe in as you are arching the spine and breathe out as you are returning to the initial position.

Fourth rite

“Fountain of Youth” Exercise

You should sit on the floor and have the legs straight, while the feet should be about twelve inches apart. You should place the palms on the floor along the side of the sitz bones. While you are gently dropping the head back, you should raise the torso, in order for the knees to bend and your arms to remain straight. The position you should basically be in is a table-top. You should return to the initial sitting position slowly and rest for a couple of seconds before you repeat the rite. You should inhale while you are rising into this pose, and hold the breath while you tense the muscles, and exhale fully while you come back down.

Fifth rite

“Fountain of Youth” Exercise

You should lie down on the belly with the palms facing down and also being in the same line with the bra strap. You should then press up in an upward-facing dog with curling the toes under, then lifting the heart, and also drawing the shoulders back. You should keep the arms straight, and look straight in front of you. Also, if you’re quite more flexible, you can draw the head back gently, and take the eyes towards the beautiful sky. After that, draw the hips up and then back, extend the spine into the pose like a dog facing downwards. You should repeat this moving backward and forward between the downward and upward-facing dog. You should inhale as you are rising into the upward-facing position, and exhale while you are pushing back into the downward-facing one.

Body rolling

The body rolling is another activity which we recommend you in order to improve your flexibility, and all you have to do is use a body roller. You can use a foam roller in case you are sensitive; however, if you want something harder, choose a piece of PVC pipe, or you can order some excellent body rollers on the internet.

Rolling out is going to stretch the tendons and muscles and help you let go of fascia. Rolling right before a difficult workout is going to increase your blood flow towards the soft tissue, while after a difficult workout, it will help you release the muscles. Although body rolling is not a workout, it would be excellent for keeping the muscles pliable and soft.


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