Using This Native American Healing Ritual Will Help You Connect With Mother Nature

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All native and tribal cultures in the world have their essence profoundly rooted in their lands of origin.

Moreover, they worship nature’s forces, which are also the sources of their lives. They are quite elemental, rising right from nature, or even ending their lives as the dust in that nature.

In the fundamental spiritualisms and also in their intense life essence, Native Americans aren’t different from some other tribal cultures around the world. Consequently, some enthusiasts, together with spiritual thinkers, were always drawn towards the rituals of the Native American tribes.

However, we have to be aware of one thing. We should not take this thing lightly, particularly in cases of conjuring and magic. Every type of magic or conjuring is quite a risky and dangerous business as we are dealing with some things which come from other different realms. So, we should always listen to the advice given by professional practitioners.

Here we have the rite.

First, we should use water. We should take a shower in order to cleanse our body, soul, and mind, and also our vibe. After that, we should utilize cleansing plants or herbs such as sage or even something else which has an aroma which makes us feel comfortable. We should fumigate ourselves with the gentle aroma of the herb and also with its mild smoke.

Then, we should meditate on our spirit animal. Our guardian angels will take their bestial forms in order to protect us from harm and danger, and we can simply reach them just through meditation. These angles are even called totem spirits, usually represented on some wooden pillars which we call totem poles.

In the end, we should chant this:

 ‘Mother, sing me a song, that will ease my pain,

Mend broken bones, bring wholeness again.

Catch my babies, when they are born,

Sing my death song, teach me how to mourn.

Show me the Medicine of the healing herbs,

The value of spirit, the way I can serve.

Mother, heal my heart so that I can see

The gifts of yours that can live through me.’


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