The Forgotten Art of Healing With Our Hands — Are You a Healer?

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Healing With Our Hands

Healing with the use of the palms of our hands is almost instinctual, and it is becoming a growing technique, particularly with Reiki, as an easy way for anyone to tap in, as well as develop healing skills.

Healing With Our Hands

When you begin this practice, you should focus on the palms of your hands, and slowly feel the energies filter through them. This can create a sensation of heat or tingling. Here is what goes on. You raise your frequency.

You should bring in higher balanced energy; transmit it to the other person with touching them, or maybe holding near their body. Some people wash their hands before, as well as after a healing session.

Even those that enter the healing professions may feel out of place as the systems of Western medicine, as well as psychology leaves little space for a shaman to practice his or her natural healing art that may also include such unconventional practices such as intuitive medicine, ritual. They are very sensitive to energy. They feel the emotions and physical ailments of people as their own.

Lifting the Bowl

One of the most effective methods of healing from hands is holding your hands in front of your chest like you are lifting a bowl of water. First, relax your hands, permitting them to curve naturally, and then hold the position for about 30 seconds. Imagine the heat radiating from your palms.

While you keep your hands in this relaxed curved position, you should turn your palms to face each other 6 to maybe 8 inches apart. Imagine yourself holding a ball of light between your hands. You should slowly move your hands’ closer together and after that gradually pull them apart once again. Also, notice if you can feel a magnetic field between your palms.

When your friends feel warm, you should place them in the area of your body which you want to heal. Then, imagine yourself as the letter “r.” The top of the vertical line represents your head, while the bottom of the line represents your feet. The curve of the “r” actually represents your hands.


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