Studies Reveal That People Can Heal With Vibration, Frequency, And Sound

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Cymatics is an exciting tittle. It represents the process of moving frequencies through a particular medium like water, air, or sand, and it alters physical matter. Numerous pictures throughout the internet, YouTube videos present how matter adjusts to various sounds and frequencies of sound.

Since their discovery, the sound, frequency, and vibration have been regarded as the most powerful forces that affect the alter life to the cellular level. Sound healing methods are commonly used by Shamans, who used drums and singing to access trance states.

Results from some surveys revealed and demonstrated that the drumming and singing will slow the fatal brain disease, and will generate a sense of oneness with the universe.

Nowadays, the popularity of sound therapy is increasing, and as the experts say, it can have a medical application, and the most effective is on psychological and mental health realms.

After days of researching, they found a therapeutic device that was invented by a New Mexico physician called Dr. Jams Bare. He used the plasma antenna that pulses on and off. That is very useful, because of the constant pulse of electricity which will make too much heat, and that will destroy the cell.

During the following fifteen months, Holland’s team was looking for that frequency, so they can directly shatter a living microorganism.

The number came dressed in the costume of two inputs, one with high frequency and the other one with low. The first one has eleven times higher frequency than the second one. In the music, precisely that distinction creates the eleventh harmonic. If we produce this sound, the microorganism starts to shatter like the crystal glass.

After constant practice, they will become efficient at the procedure, and Holland’s team collaborated with a group of cancer researchers, so they tried to do damage or destroy targeted cancer cells.

They began with the pancreatic cancer cells because they were vulnerable to sounds with 100,000-300,000 Hz. Next were the leukemia cells, which can be shattered before they could even divide. But, Holland said that they need some more significant stats so they can use it in the treatment of cancer patients.

The oscillating pulsed electric fields (OPEF) technology, if they are repeated and controlled experiment, can kill 25 % to 40% of leukemia cells, and in rare cases, but also present can kill up to 60%. Moreover, they have slowed the growth and spread of cancer cells.

A different example is the one from 1981, when Helene Grimal, a biologist, collaborated with Fabien Maman, and they were studying the relationship among the sound waves and living cells. In the first 18 months, the team worked with a 30-40 decibel sounds on human cells. The experiment was done with a camera mounted on a microscope, so they observed the uterine cancer cells, which were exposed to various acoustic instruments including guitar, gong, xylophone, and also the human voice for sessions that last for twenty minutes.

After the research, the results showed that the cancer cells exposed to sound lose their structural integrity, and they will explode at the 14-minute mark.

The next research was done on two women fighting with breast cancer. In one month, both of the women had a three and a half hours lasting session per day, to ‘toning, or singing the scale. The tumor on the first woman became undetectable, and the other one had surgery. The doctor said that the tumor had shrunk and dried up. During the operation, the cancer was removed, and the women wholly recovered.

The abovementioned examples are just one of many that have happened.

Don’t forget the time when Royal Rife first noticed the human cancer virus with the best microscope. Once they identified and isolated the virus, he cultured it on salted pork. In the past, that represented the most common method for cultivating a virus. After the cultivation process, the expert took the culture and put it in 400 rats, and they created cancer.

The following step was exciting. The expert discovered the precise frequency of electromagnet energy and cured cancer in all 400 rats.

More research

In 2014, a study was published in the Journal of Huntington’s Disease, that drumming intervention in Huntington’s patients for two months, ended with better results.

According to the doctors, there were improvements in executive function and white matter microstructure changes. The authors of the study declared that drumming would result in cognitive enhancement and better callosal white microstructure.

Next, in 2011 a Finnish study was made, and it was made with observing the patients who survived a stroke. They listened to music, and it was their cognitive therapy, which showed results in their recovery.

Furthermore, people who suffered from loss of speech after brain injury, they regain it quickly with music. It is declared to be a phenomenon. The recovery process of music facilitating healing in the brain after stroke is called ‘Kenny Rogers Effect.’

In 2012, another study published in Evolutionary Psychology discovered that the active performance of music stimulated the endorphin release, which is not the case in listening to music. Many researchers say that it can give positive results to community bonding in activities that include dance and making music.

A study published by the National Institute of Health says that music can lower anxiety and reduced surgical pain and sometimes chronic pain. Furthermore, this study noted that music could improve empathy, compassion, and care. As a result of this, people who take care of others should listen to music too.

What About The Mind? 

A couple of years ago, the previously mentioned scientists had an International Summit on Post-Materialist Science, and they made a manifesto to make clear its significance.

The scientists that took part in were Mario Beauregard (Ph.D. at the University of Arizona), Gary E. Schwartz (Ph.D. University of Arizona), and Lisa Miller (Ph.D. Columbia University). They collaborated with Larry Dossey-MD, Alexander Moreira-Almeida-MD, Ph.D., Marilyn Schlitz-PhD, Rupert Sheldrake-PhD, and Charles Tart-PhD.

Moreover, many published peer-reviewed publications present statistically relevant results for precisely this type of science, but it is shunned by mainstream academia.

The main idea here is to show that the mind influences the physical material reality, and it is not trivial, but it presents significant results. The studies were made by recognized scientists that we mentioned before.

Also, other studies were made in these realms.

During the past forty years, scientists have been making researchers if human intention alone can influence the properties of water. It was handy for the people who practice alternative medicine because the human body is 70% water.

They examined the ice crystals formed from the samples of the water. And the results showed that the water affected by intention could influence the physical creation of the ice crystals produced by the water.

Positive intentions will create symmetric and well-formed crystals, and negative plans provide asymmetric and poorly formed crystals.

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