The Secret to Back Pain is in Our Feet — Here Are the Ten Exercises That Will Fix Everything

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At least once in their life, every person will experience back pain. It usually happens as a result of the improper posture or no physical activity, but some injuries, as well as sprains, can also cause it. Back pain can disappear on its own and then come back just after a few days, or it can be quite debilitating and last for a long time. If you are one of those unfortunate sufferers, today we will present you a few simple exercises which will reduce the pain, as well as improve your mobility.

According to some experts, feet exercises are the best way for reducing back pain. By strengthening your feet and the muscles in your legs, you will have the ability to improve your body posture, as well as balance and regain your mobility. The feet are also subjected to a lot of pressure and wear and tear every day, and should also be kept in perfect health at all times.

Unluckily, we rarely pay attention to the health of our feet. Over time, they deteriorate and make it hard to walk, which also results in back, as well as some other types of pain and aches. The risk of feet problems increases significantly after 50, and if they are somehow affected, it will affect our posture and mobility too.


Without exercising regularly, there is no way to maintain proper blood flow and keep our muscles in optimal shape. Also, this is one of the principle reasons for back pain. Our balance depends on appropriate muscle, as well as bone alignment and proper body posture – if something is not perfectly aligned, you will suffer from back pain for sure. Some studies have shown that women that wear high heels are at bigger risk of back pain, as to the problems with their posture. This also means that if you want to keep your feet and back health in perfect shape, you have to ditch the heels and make some lifestyle changes too.

2.    Toe walking

This is a simple exercise which you can do anytime and anywhere. You should simply take off your shoes and walk on your toes for about 20 seconds to stretch the ligaments and muscles.

3.    Toe pressing

This will boost the little blood flow to your feet, as well as relax your muscles. You should stand upright and bend your knees a bit, then try grasping the ground with your toes as hard as you can. You should hold for about 3 seconds and repeat the exercise ten times.

4.    Toe pencil grasp

This is very simple exercise – you should put a pen on the floor, grab it with the toes and hold it for about 5 seconds before you release the pen. Repeat the exercise for 5 to 10 times.

5.    Ankle circles

This type of exercise is an easy, as well as fun way of stretching your feet and relaxing the muscles within. You should lie on the floor and stretch the legs up towards the ceiling. Then, start making some circles in the air. Rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise for about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times.

6.    Heel tendon stretch

You should stand upright facing a wall with your right foot in front of you, and your right knee bent a bit. Then, move your hips slowly towards the wall while you keep the heels on the ground. Hold this position for as much as you can, preferably for 30 seconds, and repeat it.

7.    Heels

You should sit on the floor and extend your legs. Then, cross one tight under the other. Now, you should try to grab your toes while bending forward and pull them in the opposite direction for about 30 seconds. You should repeat this exercise two times per leg.

8.    Foot massage

A slow foot massage is a great way to relax your feet, as well as improve their mobility. You can do it by rolling your foot over a tennis ball on the ground for about a minute.

9.    Legs and toes upward stretching

You should go down on your back on the ground and stretch your legs in front, then take a towel, wrap it around one of your legs and raise it towards your head. Then, hold for about 20-30 seconds and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

10.    Resistance band stretch

You should sit on the floor with your back straight and your legs in front of you. Now, you should wrap one end of a resistance band on your foot and the other on a chair. Pull back and flex the foot until you feel resistance, then hold for about 15 seconds, repeating the stretch 2-3 times. You should repeat it with both your feet.

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