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Cannabis capsule

In some places where the medical marijuana is legal, opioid abuse and addiction have fallen by 25%. However, the government still do not know what to do or say.

Opioid abuse and addiction is another massive problem all around the US, hence why people are eager to find natural alternatives.

Opioid overdose

The mainstream society accepts the health benefits of cannabis. It is more evident as there are more studies published that support cannabinoid use. However, this creates a problem with big pharma who are desperate to hold on to the monopoly that they control.

In the 23 U.S. states where the medical marijuana is legal to use, deaths from opioid overdoses have decreased by about 25%. According to some new data. The first states which legalized it were California, Oregon, and Washington in 1999, with Washington D.C and ten others being the most recent in 2010.

The study has been done by Dr. Bachhuber, of the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, as well as the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues that used state-level death certificate data for all 50 states between 1999 and 2010.

According to JAMA Medicine, in those states with a medical marijuana law, overdose deaths from opioids such as morphine, oxycodone, and heroin decreased by an average of 20% after just one year. After two years, they also continued to decline to 25%. Meanwhile, opioid overdose deaths across the country skyrocketed.

Cannabis-infused products

A report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the death toll went from 4,030 in 1999 to about 16,651 in 2010. Apparently, the majority, about 3 out of every 4 of these deaths included prescription pain medications.

Higher Perspective have also reported on organizations which have begun making their cannabis-infused products. One of them is The Foria Relief Company. They have created vaginal cannabis suppositories that are using cocoa butter. Those suppositories are an excellent alternative to pills like Vicodin Midol and Ibuprofen.

The product has also said to help relax the muscles and ease the pain. Higher perspective reports:

“The cannabis capsule is made from the extract of cannabis flower, all of which are pesticide-free. They contain a specific mix of 60 mg of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and 10 mg of CBD (cannabinol). All active ingredients have passed anti-microbial processing prior packaging.

The combination together also creates the perfect effect to relieve pain. The THC induces happy feelings in the brain, while the CBD helps in promoting relaxation of the muscles. It helps reducing muscle spasms as well as inflammation.

The cannabis capsule is a natural remedy which is only currently available to buy in California.


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