What Cannabis Does When Injected in Cancer Cells?

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Breast Cancer Cells

Nowadays, doctors continue the never-ending battle to find a method which will kill cancer cells. So, in this article, we would like to share one video with you, which show us what happens when cannabis is injected into cancer cells.

Since 1974, some examinations have revealed that cannabis has anti-tumor effects. The results from that research announced on August 18th, 1974, in a Washington Post newspaper article. It claimed  that the main component of cannabis, THC, actually “slowed down the growth of lung and breast cancers, as well as virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice and it prolonged their lives for about 36%.”

There was an article in the Journal of the National cancer institute in 1975, which was titled “Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids,” which stated that “Lewis lung adenocarcinoma growth was related by the oral administration of tetrahydrocannabinol, or known as THC and cannabinol, known as CBN. Mice that were treated for 20 consecutive days with THC and CBN had reduced tumor size.”


Another research which was conducted in 1998, from the Complutense University in Madrid, led by Dr. Manuel Guzman, has found that THC can selectively cause some programmed cell death in brain tumor cells, without having some adverse effect on surrounding healthy cells. In an issue of “Nature Medicine” in March 2002, they said that they had killed cancer tumors in the brains of rodents by injecting them with THC.

In 2007, Harvard researchers observed that compounds in cannabis cut the growth of lung cancer. An organization which is named SETH Group has recorded compounds in cannabis having the ability to hinder the development of human glioblastoma multiform (GBM) brain cancer cells. This group stated the following:

“There is no chemotherapy which can match this nontoxic anti-cancer action.”

And, in 2012 two scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco have discovered that THC ends metastasis in a lot of kinds of aggressive cancer.

In the video that is given below, you can see THC being injected into cancer cells and killing them.

Another thing which is also important to note is that scientists are still studying the benefits of cannabis killing cancer cells in human beings. You should speak to your doctor and listen to their advice. Also, do not stop any treatment which you are undertaking at the moment without talking to your doctor first.

Image credit: Dr. Cecil Fox


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