9 Bizarre Healing Treatments You Won’t Believe Actually Work

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Not every person trusts in or has luck with alternative Western medicine. Maybe, you are the one of those who tried everything and cannot seem to get better, or you just want to examine some different method of healing your ailments.

That is where holistic medicine comes in. You have probably heard of some popular types of alternative medicine such as acupuncture and massage. But, there are also some unusual types of holistic medicine which you probably haven’t heard of, such as snake massage and rebirthing.

Continue reading in order to learn all about these strange types of traditional medicine, which, surprisingly work.

Healing Treatments #1: Reiki

This is a type of energy healing. Reiki is healing which is based on the idea that everything from you to the Reiki practitioner to a rock on the ground has common energy. Channeling, as well as manipulating this energy can work to heal both physical and mental ailments.

Soaking yourself in a tub of this hot alcoholic beverage will apparently help you to soothe muscles and promote relaxation. According to some studies, soaking in beer can help you in reducing wrinkles, as well as improving skin conditions such as eczema or rashes.

Also, you can sip on a beer while in the beer bath for the ultimate meta beer experience.

Healing Treatments #6: Cryogenic Therapy

When you think of this type of cryogenic therapy, you might think of that scene in Austin Powers where he is frozen in a block of ice to preserve him to fight evil in the future.

This is not too far off from what it really is. Cryogenic therapy involves standing in a chamber where nitrogen gas with a temperature of about -200 degrees Fahrenheit surrounds your entire body. You are going to be naked except for the cute little coverings around your junk, in order to prevent them from getting frostbitten (this is seriously said).

Exposure to such extreme temperatures has been shown to be very helpful with muscle healing, reduction of inflammation, weight loss, migraine relief, as well as anxiety/depression relief and more.

Healing Treatments #7: Leeching

Most people like to avoid leeches, and they pretend that they do not exist. But, some people seek out these blood-sucking slugs in order to help with wound healing.

Leeches are great at sucking blood as when they latch on the chemicals in their saliva improve the blood flow and thin out blood. Putting a leech on a wound, an area with blood clots or an area that needs increased circulation is going to help break up clots, increase the blood flow, as well as promote wound healing.

Healing Treatments #8: Snake Massage

We are all familiar with the fact that massaging muscles can promote relaxation, release muscle tension, as well as reduce headaches, improve circulation, and even more. But, why get a massage from a massage therapist when you could get massaged by multiple snakes writhing all over your body?

That is the premise behind a snake massage. You will get every benefit of the massage, but it is also going to be performed by snakes. A pile of snakes is going to be placed on your body where their slithering bodies are going to relieve muscle tension.

Healing Treatments #9: Urine Therapy

Why not save the last place for one of the grossest types of traditional medicine for last? According to proponents of urine therapy, drinking your own urine apparently has some excellent benefits.

It is thought that the minerals, as well as salts and vitamins that are found in our urine, can help us to improve our overall health. This is up for debate, with some people saying that the taste, as well as the potential toxins, poses a threat. Others cannot wait to chug their pee in order to reduce inflammation and liver health.

Well, you can decide on this one.

Strange types of holistic medicine that actually work: wrapping up.

Our health is a serious subject for every one of us, and a lot of people are not finding the relief that they need from alternative Western medicine. The good news is that there are hundreds of types of alternative medicine that actually work and that can help us relieve some of the worst symptoms.

If you have enough courage to drink your own pee or get massaged by snakes, you can let us know if it worked for you.


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