Thoughts As Manifestation Of Vibrant Energy

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Our thought is a force, a manifestation of energy

One great Law governs the whole Universe. It can manifest in many forms, but viewed from the perspective of Ultimate there is only one Law. We are familiar with some of its manifestations but completely ignorant of certain others. Still, we are learning a little more every day—the veil is lifting gradually.

We speak skillfully of the Law of Gravitation but ignore that equally wonderful manifestation, The Law of Attraction in the Thought World. We are familiar with the Law, which draws and holds together the atoms, but we close our eyes to the law that attracts the things we desire or fear, that makes or marks our lives.

Thought is a manifestation of Energy


Our thought is a force, a manifestation of energy, something similar to a magnetic force. When we think, we emanate frequencies of a delicate ethereal substance, which are as real as the vibrations establishing magnetic fields, light, heat, or electricity. We cannot sense these frequencies with our five senses, but this is no proof that they do not exist. A powerful magnet will send out frequencies and apply a force sufficient to attract a heavy piece of iron, but we cannot see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the force.

Similarly, we cannot see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the Thought frequencies in an ordinary way. However, there are records of individuals strangely sensitive to psychic impressions who have perceived powerful thought waves, and a lot of us can testify that we have distinctly felt the thought frequencies of others, both while in the presence of the sender and at a distance.


It is obvious that we can build up our mind and make it what we will. In fact, we are mind‑building every hour of our lives, either consciously or unconsciously. The majority of us are doing the work unconsciously, but those who have seen a little below the surface of things have taken the matter in hand and have become conscious creators of their own mentality.

You are able to assert the mastery over any emotion, appetite, passion or class of thoughts by the assertion of the Will. You can order Fear to go to the rear; Jealousy to leave your presence; Hate to depart from your sight; Anger to hide itself; Worry to cease troubling you; Uncontrolled Appetite and Passion to bow in submission and to become humble slaves instead of masters—all by the assertion of the “I.”

You may surround yourself with the glorious company of Courage, Love, and Self‑Control, by the same means. You may put down the rebellion and secure peace and order in your mental kingdom if you will but utter the mandate and insist upon its execution. Before you march forth to empire, you must establish the proper internal conditions—must show your ability to govern your own kingdom. The first battle is the conquest of the lesser self by the Real Self.

Meditate with Affirmation

“I Am Asserting the Mastery of My Real Self.”

Repeat these words sincerely and positively during the day, at least once an hour, and particularly when you are confronted with conditions, which tempt you to act on the lines of the lesser self instead of following the course dictated by the Real Self.

In the moment of doubt and hesitation, say these words earnestly, and your way will clear to you. Repeat them several times after you retire and settle yourself to sleep. However, be sure to back up the words with the thought inspiring them, and do not merely repeat them parrot‑like. Form the mental image of the Real Self-asserting its mastery over the lower planes of your mind—see the King on his Throne. You will become conscious of an influx of new thought, and things, which have seemed hard for you will suddenly become much easier. You will feel that you have yourself and that you are the master and not the slave. The thought you are holding will manifest itself in action, and you will steadily grow to become that which you have in mind.



Fix the mind firmly on the higher Self and draw inspiration from it when you feel led to yield to the promptings of the lower part of your nature. When you are tempted to burst into Anger—assert the “I,” and your voice will drop.

Anger is unworthy of the developed Self. When you feel provoked and annoyed, remember what you are, and rise above your feeling. If you feel Fearful, remember that the Real Self fears nothing, and assert Courage. When you feel Jealousy inciting, think of your higher nature, and laugh. And so on, asserting the Real Self and not allowing the things on the lower plane of mentality to disturb you. They are unworthy of you and must be taught to keep their places.

Do not allow these things to master you—they should be your subjects, not your masters. Get away from this plane, and the only way to do so is to cut loose from these phases of thought, which have been “running things” to suit themselves. You have been a slave long enough—now is the time to free yourselves. Nevertheless, it takes work. This is not child’s play, but a task for serious men and women. Will you make the effort?


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